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landenmiller I have a "Talent" I guess.
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A romance sad poem... I made it with my heart.. <3


If I had an hour... to travel in time, I'd pick a nice flower for Angel....

I would hug & comfort Angel, her snug was very warm and nice..

The hour I spend, will be with Angel, for she was a Fallen one. She was not sour nor sweet, but perfect for me.

No one would nor could make her as happy as I did. When the rain was pouring down, I'd lay with her. She was my main.

The hour I spend, will be with all my old friends, for I was not very wise or nice to them. I'd give my life for them.

For how much I hurt, i'd go through more of that pain.. to fix the hours... I've messed up, it's my fault, my big vault.

I broke things and shoved things. I punched a wall infuriated. I ran down a hall, and I would do it twice, just to see Angel one more time.

It was bitter, but sweet at the same time... some how... now I see why.. it was my first love.

I can't think right anymore. Everything changed with me. The walls are getting so tight!

I can feel them closing in, in my heart. I need her.. Angel.. she... gave me so much, I couldn't ever repay her.

I just... want to spend an hour to lay with her...

Please... just... give me that time... I want to travel back in time... where I was being a slack.

I just want... an hour of her.. I will scour for it... I WILL FIND IT!

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