Broken Heart

landenmiller I have a "Talent" I guess.
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A poem of love, it's also pretty deep.

Broken Heart

Broken Heart

We all have one eventually, and can't get through them so easily. I don't wanna go through more of this, but I have to...

I have to keep pushing otherwise... I won't make a mark in others lives... I don't wanna feel, I wish I could stop loving.

But I can't... it's human... but this last break up, it might just be the end of my love.. but not my life.

I'll fight, I'll fight alright? Until the end and even if it breaks me. I wanna be the best. I wanna show them that i'm worthy. Show them i'm now weak!

I'll prove it, prove it all! I control my destiny, no one else! You watch, you watch me! I'll grow. I'll be the best.

My first break up, it was my worst... I hated everything and everyone after that, but I missed the time I spent with that girl, I miss the feelings I got with her.

Simple things couldn't just be back. That's why life sucks, even if you try to make something like it was before. It just... it won't work

The picture will still be broken in some way, the box will be tilted a little, and the puzzles might not match the pieces.

If you really wanna know the key to... everything being the same, everything being good, everything you want... happiness?

You'll need to move on.

It's hard, it's so hard to move on like this, my scars won't heal.

They won't go away, why?

Then leave them open and keep fighting. Don't stop, never stop. Be the best. Be YOU.

It might hurt, but you'll get use to it, you'll be able to smile and talk to others.

Yes, you're right.

My eyes opened to everything... I took a step back to look at everything. Everything was much more than I've felt...

My Broken Heart.....

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