Loving You From Miles Away
Loving You From Miles Away sad stories

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a melancholy poem about long distance and worries

Loving You From Miles Away

Nine AM wake ups and groggy drives to work Long shifts that feel even longer Drives home in the dark make me forget the light

I fall asleep listening to songs that make me feel like you do Imagining your figure besides mine Keeping me warm into the night Until I wake up with cold toes at four AM And do it all over again

Days and nights pass slowly when you’re gone It will be years until I see you again At least it feels that way

And I wonder how happy you must be in the California heat With love and smiles and people holding you close It makes me feel colder

And wrapping my own arms around myself doesn’t feel the same And trying to love my own prodding bones and bruising skin Isn’t the same as being loved by you

And I wonder if anyone could ever love me like you do And somehow I miss you more

It’s not your fault I feel the sadness I do There’s just a ghost of you lingering between my sheets And he’s cold and forgetting And each day he grows fainter

I know you won’t forget about me But I worry anyway And I dream of other girls with their fingers in your hair And I’ll wake up with dried salt beneath my eyes

And she’ll look at me the way she used to And she’ll tell me she loves me the way she always has And she misses me more than I can imagine And I’ll feel nothing

And I’ll tell her there’s no room for her here And it will break her heart But it’s either you or nobody And I’ve never said that before and that scares me

How many times can I tell you I miss you before I wear out those words Suddenly three thousand miles seems like so much more Is it just a plane ride between the two of us?

And you say you trust me and I trust you just the same But I can’t help but worry til my hair falls out I’ve never been enough for anyone And what if I’m not enough for you too

I’m sick to my stomach And it hurts to swallow And I hear girls at work talk about Christmas with their boyfriends And who they’ll kiss at midnight this New Year’s And I want to be sick

Because I feel guilty for holding you back Keeping you from kissing nicer girls with soft hair and smooth skin Bright eyes and warm hands They won’t burden you or smother you And soon you’ll figure it out

But for now I’ll drive around aimlessly I’ll stare at the city from my favorite park bench I’ll watch my breath float from my lips I’ll pick up smoking again I’ll throw away all my clothes I’ll toss rocks at the ocean and yell

I won’t forget that although you’re miles away You’re still here And I’m so very fortunate for that

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