you broke my heart (I still want you)
        you broke my heart (I still want you) love stories
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lamasaudsh a passionate beginner
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you broke my heart (I still want you)

‪I’m done proving myself to others‬ ‪I’m done hurting my soul for another‬ ‪I’m done healing the wounds of the shattered‬ ‪no more blood in me to give you my lover‬

‪I look at you and stutter ‬ ‪did you even learn the lesson?‬ ‪soon enough I will disappear ‬ ‪can you still do it the same?‬ ‪your shadows never looked alike ‬ ‪I was beside you all this time‬ ‪you were scared to give it all ‬ ‪and I was already packing up ‬

‪despite our differences ‬ ‪my heart will forever miss you‬ ‪now I beg you to look at me‬ ‪and tell me, lovers or strangers we may be?‬ ‪for the last time before I fade away‬

‪I tremble with confusion ‬ ‪the winds have made it all clear‬ ‪I never thought I could love you‬ ‪now I’m here struggling to leave you‬

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