I'm still stunned
I'm still stunned romance stories

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How long has it been?

I'm still stunned

How long has it been?

an hour of me looking at her from afar, enjoying that heavenly sight, matching my heartbeats to her melodious voice, she had a beautiful smile , innocent yet mature, confident and reassuring.

how long has it been?

a week since that first sight of her made me smile, she was the light at the end of the dark tunnel, a light that I could never reach, a beautiful sky that I keep stretching my arms towards,

a cloud that I'm yearning to hold.

how long has it been?

a month of me admiring her, she brought joy wherever she went, she was a saint that helped everyone, and she seemed happy to do it.

how long has it been?

I've longed for her for a year, I still get those same goosebumps that I got when we first met, that day when everything has changed,

and my world started revolving around someone other than myself, in her eyes, I saw a better me, that gleam of hers gave me hope, I wanted to feel her touch I wanted to be embraced by her,

I keep imagining ...imagining what couldn't happen, what's not supposed to happen, she was my forbidden fruit... in her figure, I saw a new world, a happier world, a perfect world.

how long has it been? ... I don't know anymore , all I know is that I'm still as stunned as ever

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