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I knew a lot of cute girls, but she was a beauty


I knew a lot of cute girls, but she was a beauty, a gorgeous face is what charmed me first, and her magnificent personality is what got me hooked,

she was lovely and outgoing yet classy and delicate, she was divine, she was graceful, she was ravishing, she was an exquisite masterpiece sitting right before my eyes,

a refined piece of art that I couldn't get enough of...

I woke up in a dream-like state of mind, why do I have a stomach ache?

"must be what I ate yesterday" I thought to myself,

there's no way that I've fallen for her I don't even know her that well and I already made a promise to myself to not fall in that same hurtful and devastating trap,

it can't be that I've fallen for her...

If that's true... Then why?...

Why do I keep seeing her wherever I go, I see her in that empty classroom fixing her hair, I see her in that taxi passing by, I see her whenever I bring my head up to the sky,

I see her in the sun shining bright, I see her lying in the clouds like an angel, I see her in this cup of water that I'm drinking, I see her whenever I close my eyes,

I see her in this bracelet on my wrist...I guess I've truly fallen for her...

But what should I do? Should I just tell her? But what if I get hurt again? what if she doesn't want me?

what if I'm nothing more than a past time, a mere friend to hang out with from time to time? What's so special about me that would make her say yes?

So, should I just act as nothing happened?

Well that's what I tried but it didn't help, I kept seeing her everywhere and she sent chills down my spine whenever she smiled at me, so, me hiding my feelings actually hurts way more...

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