Making cakes for grandma??
Making cakes for grandma??  just don't mind me w/ stories

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I finally learned to bake a cake.. And I made my grandma happy!

By: Me and my friend

Making cakes for grandma??

by Me and my friend

Hello!.. I'm wyatt and i have three sisters, I love my grandma... She bakes pies and makes the most delicious hot choco ever!!... My parents are very busy.

My sisters always get pie, and I get hot choco.. My sisters names are.. Wendy, Victoria, Paris. Wendy is the oldest and Victoria is the second oldest.. Paris is third and I'm the youngest!..

Im always with my sister, Victoria is my favourite then Paris.. Wendy always yell?. One day my grandma was sick and couldn't take care of us. Our parents went to another country.

It was my grandma's birthday, and she loved cakes... Especially Strawberry!, I didn't know how to bake a cake.. Me and my two sisters helped.. We finished finally!, my grandma was in toilet..

We set up a table and plates and the cake.. It was not the best, but my grandma was proud of us! I was proud of myself too!,

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