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lalalabutterfly Hopelessly lost but forever hopeful.
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We've been way too far for our last farewell kiss.

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no reason to live in my charcoal abyss

we’ve been way too far for our last farewell kiss

the touch that is needed has barely just missed me

the love that exceeded my hope can’t hear my plea

ink dripping down the dark walls of my grave

suffocate now, her old songs made me brave

little by little my panic takes hold

but her tender hands take me in from the cold

legs tangled up in our collective mind

ghost touches there gently tracing my spine

she’s always here when my eyes start to close

fingertips ready, she knows how it goes

she plays and explores me so delicately

soft eager hands, smiling elegantly

giving all that I want, loving all that I need

here with one touch I am finally freed

pink pastel bursts in my vision of black

colours and feeling slip right through the cracks

pain can’t take hold of my fragile soul

as long as she’s standing by, taking control

the distance between what we physically are

is less of a split when her soul has come far

she can appear and will be twice as giving

imagined reflections giving reason for living.

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