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lalalabutterflyHopelessly lost but forever hopeful.
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A bottle of vodka and a tube of white paint; one makes me a beggar, the other, a saint.


it's always a fight between mother and brother

there's not enough space in my head for another

grey drips like tar over my folds and surfaces

I'd love to be shown my own soul, what my purpose is

evenings and days blending into the same

sleep catches up, please remember my name

a bottle of vodka and a tube of white paint

one makes me a beggar, the other, a saint

I'm floating the bill while the kids are out drinking

artist, undone, I don't know what I'm thinking

spreading the colours outside of my mind

they crave my attention, I'm responding in kind

applesauce, traded for liquor and time

don't lead me on when I'm buying cheap wine

paint smears rub in until I see no more difference

water will spill, leaking out in my ignorance

vodka and paint mix like two long lost brothers

spreading while children hide under their covers.

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