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lalalabutterfly Hopelessly lost but forever hopeful.
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I'll love you forever, unconditionally.

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please buckle your seat belt before you drive off

and go to the doctor if you have a cough

please call me at night when you make it back home

and have all my numbers programmed in your phone

please be safe and help let me take good care of you

and let me miss work just to help you get through

please call me at midnight and midday and four

in the morning if needed to open your door.

your eyes are like stars in my dark stormy night

they glow in the dark and make my heart take flight

your smile is all that I need to get by

it ignites my poor soul and my brain goes sky high

your stretch marks and flaws that you hate with a passion

they show me your story, please have self-compassion

I saw endless galaxies within your green eyes

and moonbeams and sunsets in between your thighs.

please go and have fun even if it's without me

as long as I'm called to remind you to just breathe

please tell me your secrets and all of your baggage

there's nothing too heavy and I'll always manage

please fall in my arms every time that you're hurt

or even if you wanted simply to flirt

please tell me what's wrong every time that you're sad

you're never annoying, I'd never be mad.

I need you so much, so don't leave here without me

you have my full heart, so please reach out and touch me

I know how much pain is inside your ripped soul

I just want to help you to make you feel whole

it's hard to keep all of the pieces together

but you do so well, can I help you forever?

I need you so safe because you are my all

but it's hard if you hurt yourself on your cell wall.

please let me take care of the hard things in life

you've gone through enough without that kind of strife

please say when you've got too much pain in your head

and when you're stuck saying you're better off dead

please come home to our bed and let me hold you tight

if rotten, sad people have picked a hard fight

please let me look after your mind and your soul

I'd rather be here than on any payroll.

if you had hated me I'd still feel the same

I'd stay here for you and still carry your name

if you were disabled or hurt in any way

I'd still be as proud and I'd never look away

if anyone were to make fun of your weight

they can bet I'll be looking for them to castrate

my love's unconditional and written in stars

because Honey, I love you, from here out to mars.

so thank you for all that you've done and you've said

it can take an army to get out of my head

you're everything I'd ever need, have, or want

you've got it all coming to you in bold font

I'd do anything to keep you so happy and free

you've done it one hundred times over for me

you're all that I've got, we'll live on blissfully

I'll love you, forever, unconditionally.

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