sweat stains
sweat stains falling hard stories

lalalabutterfly Hopelessly lost but forever hopeful.
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Dried sweat 'round the edge of our tight-bound connection.

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sweat stains

looking straight out 'cross the stormy black sea

similar faces stare right back at me

we pull our rope tight, war of love tug-of-war

blood stains my tears but you're still way too far

dried sweat 'round the edge of our tight-bound connection

all there but you see a positive reflection

some people say only opposites attract

problems lined up, we're more beautiful than that

tall, skinny smoke with no care for his love

short teddy bear with the heart of a dove

they can fall hard but get lost way too quickly

failing soon when their minds get too sickly

we are one and the same spread as far as can be

split by dark ink-stained passage with no room to see

needled and torn as we pull past the fire

smoke stains our minds, twists me into a liar

lost and the same with our hands pulling taut

cringing away when the smoke is too hot.

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