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lalalabutterfly Hopelessly lost but forever hopeful.
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I'm screaming with passion at my well-lit bad dreams.


Red ruby slippers are needed for heaven

tripping me up as I flee from the Seven

fall to the left with the pure and martyrs

caught in a tangle of high-pumps and garters

step to the right with the thieves and black-hearted

placing us back right before it all started

sinking in mud always deeper than needed

stuck in the static while concepts are seeded.

I'm caught in between two unlikely extremes

screaming with passion at my well-lit bad dreams

fighting for freedom with small hoping glances

considering running from all open chances

each tiny move made with passion and care

all held together by hope and by prayer

a thin silver thread connects passion with pain

hope doesn't count without opening a vein.

Needed: a reason to make my own mark

wanted: a passion to shatter the dark

limbo can't count towards substance or meaning

stuck to a page while she moves around, cleaning

mess is subjective like thoughts and believing

not 'till it's gone will you catch my heart grieving

my mind craves an explosion like heroes crave war

but stuck in the middle, I can't see the floor.

-The choices were never mine to make.

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