Strawberry Gum- act 2
Strawberry Gum- act 2 part 2 stories
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lalalabutterfly Hopelessly lost but forever hopeful.
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Strawberry tears fall down past strawberry lips.

Strawberry Gum- act 2

Empty the contents

Make room for the pain

We never need context

When battling with rain

An order so vicious

Comes from my own kind

More subtle a mistress

I never will find

Chew at your gum

Make the empty space fill

Put down the crumb

It's enough for your thrill

Flavour like candy

But bitter's the edge

It goes well with brandy

Alone on the edge

Strawberry tears fall

Down past strawberry lips

I don't need to crawl

Unless somebody trips

Empty but full

Saving gum on my tongue

I've felt her false pull

Ever since I was young

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