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lalalabutterfly Hopelessly lost but forever hopeful.
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I've got all day and all night to be here with you.


The sun is just rising, I'll watch it with you

Every morning and evening in this bed built for two

We've seen heartbreak and mistakes from our room with a view

But up here, where it's warm, we have nothing to do

Except love and be loved with no spaces between

We press closer and closer, don't want to be seen

This moment's for us, we have nothing to hide

You have all of my love, as two bodies collide

You laugh and I smile in this sacred room

All our hopes and desires will come here to bloom

I've got all day and all night now to be here with you

No matter what's happened, what we have is true

We're here in this space, in our own little bubble

All tucked in together and for now there's no trouble

They can yell, they can spit, they can break down our door

But for now, in this room, they can't hurt us anymore.

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