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lalalabutterfly Hopelessly lost but forever hopeful.
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I have a need to start again. If only that were possible.

Pink Lemonade:


starting so fresh like a step into ice

beginning again with these chills as your price

new found beginnings aren't easily given

past and a future no longer high risen

failure beneath a thin layer of paint

freedom just moved to a thinner restraint

love and affection conditionally proven

striking the stone ground to prove I'm still human

blood bubbles past my once old salt-stained wound

ripping apart summer flowers consumed

terror inside as we fall through the door

no time left to stop as we hit the cold floor

clocks winding through with a cold-hearted brilliancy

warding off prayers and a false sense of sympathy

fall in its colours is happy, misleading

thin, false veneer over scratch marks still bleeding

starting again is a false fools pipe dream

the past blurs together as we sit still and still scream

older and wiser as planets spin distance

scraping like glass shards pierce through our existence

cold clammy hands grab at warmth with a hunger

hoping to break through to when we were younger

yellow brushed smiles and bright backlit spaces

we're hollow beneath our new fresh-painted faces.

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