orange juice (golddigger)
orange juice (golddigger) selena gomez stories

lalalabutterfly Hopelessly lost but forever hopeful.
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Kisses, free hugs, and the whole human race.

orange juice (golddigger)

strangers unite in an awkward forced clash

she sinks below as he still reeks of cash

moving together like OJ and whipped cream

pretty inside but the taste makes her scream

bitter to taste but the colour's all there

terrified rumours are stuck in her hair.

kisses, free hugs, and the whole human race

triplets exceeding the flow of her grace

happiness sits in the jar that you put it in

loneliness crawling beside just to slip right in

silky smooth dresses and greenback wallpaper

she's reaching so high with the people who shape her.

pour out the milk on the floor of the kitchen

orange juice will sour before starting to thicken

slipping in wealth with an old net to catch her

biting the tip of her tongue with his stature

empty inside, her still brain will soon curdle

but loved by that man, her nude lips won't go purple.

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