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lalalabutterfly Hopelessly lost but forever hopeful.
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He broke down your door and he knocked down the wall.

My love

my love,

he broke down your door and he knocked through the wall

he stole all your youth when you didn't bare all

he took what was yours in an effort to keep you

cloaked in a fog even they couldn't see through

staining your skin with the smudge of his hand

building his house on a foundation of sand

he needed a touch he thought he had the right to

the going was rough so he said you should fight through.

coming or going with no sense of time

the door was remade so he started to climb

he showed you the love he was taught to believe in

pushing aside the big truth you'd been feeling

the turn of the tide brought in pain and destruction

the thick choking smoke slowly hiding seduction

he broke all your walls while he professed to love you

blatantly saying you were one of a select few.

my love,

it's me at your door so please do let me in

I'd never proceed if you can't touch my skin

patching your pieces with clear tape and glue

no matter the damage I'll always stay true

the anger inside from the pain you once felt

is nothing compared to the obvious welt

he took all he saw but I'm here to replace it

whenever you reach out and can bear to face it.

delivering violets to your locked front door

I'm knocking politely while sat on the floor

my hands are splayed out, showing all that I am

his bursting intentions were always his scam

recover in silence or scream at his name

turn 'round to me, here to take all his blame

I know it won't help but I'm here for the taking

until we both know that the truth, you aren't faking.

for my love.

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