Muse act 2.
Muse act 2. part 2 stories
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lalalabutterfly Hopelessly lost but forever hopeful.
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I'm holed up in comfort, alone with my thoughts.

Muse act 2.

conjuring dreams from the thin wispy air

dancing around in my head, here and there

I follow behind in a lonely parade

where no one can see through our clever charade

dramatically straighten all my curls to fit

we no longer see through the tiny blind slit.

girl on the bus with triangular pants

tall boy who stopped me outside for a dance

woman in brown I had dreamed ever after

man in blue shorts with his loud, high-pitched laughter

the hues are all stunning from distances gone

they still sit outside when the shades are long drawn.

persistence, not pleasure, and never a bliss

they all turn around without feeling a kiss

following, blindly, through thick flowing liquor

stumbling once as I turn 'round a corner

I'm holed up in comfort, alone with my thoughts

of the woman who's kiss left my stomach in knots.

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