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lalalabutterfly Hopelessly lost but forever hopeful.
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Butterflies choking on smoke from my kiss, you'd never notice, wrapped up in your bliss.

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cracked makeup smiles and pink plastic shoes

full coverage shadow in three different blues

you're pretty in pictures but in here we're off key

I know what you'd say but to me love's not free

pretenses up hoping boredom will get you

smoking my dreams when your heartbeat does go true

gorgeous and lovely so most here would have you

falling you chose me as one of your small few

a stone in your fire cracking slowly but surely

I wish for a feeling you come to so purely

butterflies choking on the smoke from my kiss

you'd never notice wrapped up in your bliss

I'll crush you hard like a bug in my way

you wanted all but I'll tell you to stray

you would have been my obedient pet

catching your feelings in a butterfly net

I pray to god, though there's nothing above

drinking my fears in this artificial love.

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