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lalalabutterfly Hopelessly lost but forever hopeful.
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I'm used to the feel of cold, empty space.

join me

what do I do when you fall in my prison

holding your hand while you paint your face crimson

the blood on our hands will return to the source

seep into your mouth with no taste of remorse

join me with knees bent awaiting direction

adding my torture to your growing collection.

I'm used to the feel of cold empty space

and let all my goodness fall out of my face

you're full until bursting and new to this story

tangled with me in your first fall from glory

how can I help when your pain is my folly

singing aloud, I'm in love with your body.

silent the watchman observes the encountered

standing alone with a hat facing downward

joined in the watch by another the same

thrown to the left by steps into the game

how do I hold you, I'm already broken

how do we cope, I have pain left unspoken.

- I'd give you all of my oxygen. If only I still had any.

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