How to kill someone in three easy steps
How to kill someone in three easy steps personal experience stories

lalalabutterfly Hopelessly lost but forever hopeful.
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You wonder how you got to be so lucky.

How to kill someone in three easy steps

Step 1.

a mutual attraction is needed

for the satisfaction

of your needs and wants

as the adult version of an intelligent child.

nail polish, lipstick and dresses

in use as she impresses her wisdom

on your ever growing brain,

and you wonder how you got to be so lucky.

feelings can arise from the ashes;

a prize for the lesser-known masses,

mutually felt but left open

to the interpretation of the viewer.

hastily forgotten,

reasons for a mutual understanding

can go unwatched and uninterpreted

and misunderstood by the woman in the corner.

observances go cloudy,

wasted by the passage of a time.

you once wanted the time,

meeting the eyes of the tall, dark, and handsome

only to be given your comeuppance

in the form of the stranger

timidly laughing into the salad plates of another time,

forced to be faced with a man she should love.

Step 2.

someone once trusted can be easily thrusted

into realms of uncertainty.

lost are the days of inconsequential mistakes

and taken opportunities to surprise

when jealousy and mistrust enter the room.

work to rebuild

takes time we don't have

so living a lie is preferred in the current life view.

trust is the devil

born with and then taken to the grave

if not carefully lost along the way

and never found in a moment of passion.

trust can be toxic

so she grips it ever tighter

in an effort to hold her dignity once again

in the palm of her grey sweat-stained hands.

trusting her lightly isn't his turn of phrase

but a phase he enters into knowingly

and with forethought of emotion.

passion kills trust easily

so withholding intimate moments

becomes her single passion

and they enter into a realm of unease

as the passion and truth intersect.

Step 3.

love is for fools.

the weak and meek and full-hearted

to tear down the walls and inhibitions

and rip out the heart, still beating.

fools who want with an unending hunger

the feeling of warmth given wholly by mothers

who love unconditionally,

unlike hers.

she sits in wait

at the bottom of the stairs.

waiting to strangle with a kiss on his lips

and a promise of tomorrow's sun.

poison mixed into the drink of a king

as he sits on his throne made of feeling

and she waits to move on to a lover,

cold within her red polish.

nothing can stop it.

the eventual death

of a lover denied

the whole

of love




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