fuck y*u
fuck y*u poison stories

lalalabutterfly Hopelessly lost but forever hopeful.
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Only the hard-pressed will count in the end.

fuck y*u

smoke will line up and your stiff bones will bend

only the hard-pressed will count in the end

your will as strong as a poor man's conviction

wavering only to feed your addiction

identities lost in the black soupy bay

life swirling 'round about them as they pray

charcoal marks hard against smooth silky skin

waiting below for your life to begin.

a child sits quiet to wait for her mother

in turn, she's collecting her dreams up to smother

nicotine, coke and a bottle of vodka

she's drowning alive with her well-hidden trauma

spreading the word of her god down below

crushing the bugs without simple hello

harmony splits with her hard-listened second

torturing ears with her crying as threatened.

a chorus of angels will back mama's reason

forcing us into her easier season

baby blue eyes and a simmering brain

staring ahead while she drips down the drain

eyes screaming red with the weight of her sorrow

hope above hope she won't be here tomorrow

line up the poison alone on the sink

perfectly straight right before her first drink.

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