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lalalabutterfly Hopelessly lost but forever hopeful.
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Power and freedom can seem so damn sweet, ideas drive by, sweep me off of my feet.

Pink Lemonade:


power and freedom can seem so damn sweet

ideas drive by, sweep me off of my feet

rose petals once crushed cannot see peace again

even if heavy boots seemed at once like a friend

she's free as a bird in a little gold cage

doesn't know wind but she loves her cold stage

others may preen and admire her beauty

it fades when she's brought down to earth by her duty

there's nothing as freeing as love and admissions

of passion and joy in uncomfortable positions

we live for the flower and fear all the thorns

take false baseless hope in the eyes of your storms

she leaps in the air but is caught in an instant

can't fly for the hands of the devil's assistant

then others may laugh when they hear of her fate

too wrapped up in worlds of their own self-hate

the nectar of peaches' smell filling the air

the sound of a child's first original prayer

the smell of the rain after months of hot fire

the crystal clear tone of a new string or wire

she's battered and broken in spirit and bone

it took all her worth just to carry her home

while others may question her turn from their truth

she's given her rest now she's free from her youth.

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