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lalalabutterfly Hopelessly lost but forever hopeful.
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Life and patience have long since called time.


Does it get easier?

Asked the girl with the teardrop tattoo

left there after her tears ran so fast they made a mark

and her dresses turned to trench coats

and her hair made the prettiest waterfall.

Does it get easier?

Begged the boy with fresh scars on his face

scraping away at the skin he was born in

and begging to show his true nature

and running from knives he once knew.

Does it get easier?

Sobbed the girl with red rivers still flowing

from mouths and her thin arms alike

and her hands, thin and shaking

and her eyes, bleeding through.

Does it get easier, I say

with scars faded from the face finally mine

with tattoos and dresses all sewn to my skin

with dried up river beds of rust staying still.

Because life and my patience have long since called time

but existing for now can't be stopped

and my brain may be longing to claw out it's own mind

but I'll never find answers worth living.

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