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lalalabutterfly Hopelessly lost but forever hopeful.
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Love is a trusted leap into the sky.


we fell fast and hard, back when dreams ran away

skip into the distance holding hands through the day

far-fetched ideas and a scorn for society

no place in my heart for despair or anxiety.

tired and lost now our dreams aren’t back yet

shoved to the side, soaked in misspent old sweat

left all alone for our new desperate climb

hoping our dreams will return with our time.

touching your skin is a dream I can get lost in

grasping at ropes with connections still so thin

fake smile always taped on for the cameras

wondering why all the others seem glamorous.

dreaming, awake, we still can't touch the ground

scraps of what was now can never be found

love is a trusted leap into the sky

hoping to sprout our new wingspan and fly.

-I wanted everything, but my everything isn’t here right now.

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