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lalalabutterfly Hopelessly lost but forever hopeful.
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My thoughts twirl 'round like the ugliest dancer.


It's one in the morning and I just can't sleep

I want to count sheep but that makes me a creep

There's no space in my head for lost sheep anyway

When my voices and worries and fear come to play

I'm stuck in the space between sleep and reality

Unable to dream without any finality

I need some relief but you're all that I've got

And you're further away than we all had once thought.

Please help me to make all of this chaos just count

I've got too much still happening, an infinite amount

It takes too much time to just sit and decode

Will all of these sparks cause my head to explode?

I'm so worried and haunted, I don't have the answer

My thoughts twirl 'round like the ugliest dancer

Not careful of tripping or making a mess

Just jumping and dancing in it's changing dress.

It's now half past three and I can't see it ending

I can't turn it off, it's just there, unpretending

I'll soon get right up and act like nothing happened

Like I'm normal and happy, not obviously flattened

Please come right back home, I need you here beside me

To counter the dancer, oh to just once be carefree

You're the cure for thinking, my happier nicotine

But for now I exist, I drink caffeine, don't intervene.

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