Best Friend
Best Friend unrequited love stories
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lalalabutterfly Hopelessly lost but forever hopeful.
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You never knew the full extent of feelings I had for you.

Best Friend

I caught myself wanting to text you today

it's been a little while and I have a lot to say

But you've been really happy, well at least you are online

and you have all your own problems, you don't need to know all mine

I still wish we had fun like we used to do

we were one and the same, stuck together with glue

But I never really told you why I treated you so well

because I had a perfect image that I really had to sell

I loved you so much more than normal friends ever would

I met you on a Tuesday and fell faster than I should

It was scary, it was new, and I was terrified you'd see

I was too young to see far enough, I thought I'd never be free

I knew you'd never feel the same as I did even then

I thought no one would love me, and you only talked of men

For four years I would love you with as much as I could love

until I finally met the one who fit me like a glove

You never knew the full extent of feelings I had for you

although I don't still feel the same, it's hard to start anew

We still meet up from time to time but it's getting less and less

I don't know how to be your friend when you never really guessed

At times I felt you'd see right through my cultivated image

I knew you wouldn't judge or leave but I never had the courage

and now I see you living life and doing well without me

I'm happy that you've found your path and left me to be free.

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