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lalalabutterfly Hopelessly lost but forever hopeful.
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You look so beautiful whenever you smile.


you look so beautiful whenever you smile

my heart skips its beats like they're soon out of style

sunshine and daisies have no more fight left

they bow and retreat with your imminent theft

dance for the moon that will soon disappear

dance for the spoon that enabled such fear

dance for the buttercups all in a row

and dance for the baker with his arms in the dough

you look so beautiful whenever you sing

my spirit lifts up to the very last ring

the women around have no time for our fuss

but we laugh and we cheer and remember to cuss

dance for the little ones jumping through hoops

dance for the people stood in their small groups

dance for the fairies that hide in the dark

and dance 'cross the prairies, a once vibrant park

you look so beautiful whenever you're here

alone, now together, we conquer our fear

the world, now dark, hides our fast growing flame

they search now in vain for a girl they can blame

dance for your love, now my darling have care

dance with your glove in the fast-cooling air

dance for yourself when there's no-one around

and dance with a purpose, to never be found

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