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pale like peaches approaching the spring. laying in the bed, she's the sweetest of things.


pale like peaches approaching the spring

laying in the bed, she's the sweetest of things

tired from chasing the dreams of another

her world has faded from bright technicolour

naked for sheets dribbled over her waistline

caring no more for the taste of her fine wine

petals fall graceless from trees past their season

her tears will fall fast, little petals with reason

bathed in green stardust and misplaced intention

wanting some more of that feeble affection

reaching out further with pale, weak hands

scratching the surface of love's best-laid plans

secrets are made in that candlelit room

stifling passions meant never to bloom

love is still present in foregone conclusions

leaving a space for her present illusions

rising she makes small excuses for power

approaching her judge with the smallest of flower

need is her cold, unforgiving interior

secrets make minds in their thoughts show inferior

shaken by angels shaped like love and devotion

dripping with light, her resolve will be broken

reaching her arms for the devil to take

exposing her ribs for her love's new dull ache.

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