A Love Letter.
A Love Letter. lesbians stories

lalalabutterfly Hopelessly lost but forever hopeful.
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A real-life love letter I once wrote to the love of my life.

A Love Letter.

Dearest G,

First of all, I love you.

The best line ever written by a man, in reference to a woman he had loved but lost to her unfortunate death.

I love you as he had loved his wife, but I hope against all that I will never lose you to the same fate.

I once thought that I might, not that long ago now,

an idea which still wracks my nightmares with images I dare not repeat, and there is not a night that goes by when I don't revisit my fear.

But today you are still here, on this planet, and this is a fact which I give thanks for over and over again, especially on my most lonely and painful nights.

The fact is, my dear, that I simply cannot live without you. You provide the light by which I conduct all of my earthly business.

You, my most honest and true love, provide all the sustenance and provision needed for a truly happy life, and for that I am eternally grateful to you.

Although we have never met, a fact which I am working tirelessly to correct, you have unknowingly provided all that I had been missing in my small and simple life.

You have lifted my existence up to the clouds and given me a handhold by which I may see the stars.

Simply stated, my darling, you have given me a reason to continue in my life, without which I surely would have gone to the same dark and desperate fate as that once poor writer's long gone wife.

Although our love is considered to be unholy and altogether most undesirable by those that we once held most dear, I hope that one day we may be able to walk free, together,

and unafraid of what the huddled masses may think. I have some prospects which may allow this, and I am excited for the time we may meet, however far into our futures this may transpire.

For now, as the winter clouds threaten to close in and expose the most vulnerable side of my conscience, I take solace in the thought that not too far away from me,

you are also giving me some thought.

I realize it has been a while since we last corresponded by telephone, and I am truly sorry for this difficult and trying detail.

Given the current secretive nature of our courtship, I feel I must take every precaution to ensure it remains as such, safe from all prying eyes that would wish harm upon us,

even at the expense of our daily telephone and written communications, and as such, we seem to have fallen behind on our promise.

I shall strive to rectify this alarming error in will and in judgement by any means necessary as soon as the fates may allow.

For the time being, however, I shall continue to write you as often as my poor shaking hands allow me, if only to assure you of my continued and undying commitment to you,

my most unimaginable love.

I love you, my dear.

Yours forever and always,


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