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lalalabutterfly Hopelessly lost but forever hopeful.
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With love, from L.

6 pieces


There's so much I can't do, there's so much I can't say.

There's much more to you than will come out to play.

I can't sing for shit, but you knew that before.

She hurts me so much, please help me off this floor.


I'll write you a song, a useless piece now.

It will be too long, but you'll manage somehow.

I need you to stay, I don't want someone else.

I need you this way, need you more than myself.


I need some more time just to get on my feet.

I need some more time, can you feel my heart beat?

Dance on little girl, don't you let her see tears.

Dance on little girl, can't control all your fears.


Say what you want and I'll say what I mean.

No point to this play if neither comes clean.

An insect will struggle when caught in a web,

But motionless struggles are given instead.


I feel so lonely with her in the room.

Just us and a pile of things they assume.

I touch and you hide with my bundle of shame.

You hold your heart open to catch all my pain.


She has it though others are much more deserving.

My love isn't worth all the heartbreak of burning.

A passion sets fires and some can be lethal.

Why she isn't burning pierces me like a needle.

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