To anyone that feels alone
To anyone that feels alone hopeful stories

lakotaxbabe \\Wannabe Poet//
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How lonely are you Who is it you miss

To anyone that feels alone

How lonely are you

Who is it you miss

Don’t you dare say it

You don’t deserve this

I know that they left

And they stole your heart

I know that you think

The world’s falling apart

I know your vision’s blurred

From the tears in your eyes

But don’t you dare say

That you want to die

I know it seems hopeless

Like the world has gone black

But if you disappear

Then there’s no turning back

Don’t say no one will miss you

Or shed a single tear

Because I’ll just about lose it

If I don’t have you here

I’d miss your witty jokes

And your breathtaking smile

Don’t tell me I’d forget you

After a short while

Don’t say it’ll be fine

You’ll be easily replaced

Because I love you

and I need you in this place

please don’t say you don’t belong here

because neither do I

but it’s much more manageable

when I know you’re alive

Don’t say you can’t do it

I know you’re afraid

It feels like things will never

End up okay

But it’s still you and I

Like it’s always been

Please don’t leave me here

I need you for this

We’ll get through it together

If only you hold on

You say it feels right

But you know that it’s wrong

I swear you can do this

You and I both

But that only works

If we hang on to hope

Just walk with me

Hold on tight to my hand

Life isn’t so bad

Just give it a chance

I want you here

I need you by my side

Please just listen

You need to stay alive

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