Valentine choco from you

lailalatufa13Girl, nerd, like read and write
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Valentine choco from you

by lailalatufa13


I am just nerd girl that love with a popular boy. He is so handsome and amazing. He is smart, and He can do anything But, I just nerd girl that every people doesn't like me, I am Alone....

You talk to me

Someday, He comes to me and talk to me, I am so surprised. And I can answer His question well. And He says that I am pretty. He ask me to be his friend. And I am feel so... happy.

Everyone doesn't Like me

When He near me, I know that everyone wag me. And I ask to him to far away from me. I am cry and I always away from his. He is angry with me and doesn't talk to me again.

Valentine day

I see everyone give a choco to their love, I want give my choco to you. But, I am afraid that you will reject my choco.

Choco from you

I'm afraid, and I decided not to give him my chocolate. however, I found a bar of chocolate along with a letter from him, I run to looking for him. And I see him there is under the mapple tree

Thanks you, and I love you

"This is from you?" "Ya" "Hiks... thanks you" (He hug me) "Don't shy away from me" "Never" "I love you" "Thank you, and I love you to" I live happly with him... End

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lailalatufa13Girl, nerd, like read and write
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3 months ago

aguacerodepenasNada que decir, mucho que escribir.
3 months ago
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lailalatufa13Girl, nerd, like read and write
6 months agoReply
Thanks for your comment @tdog16 maybe it's just cliche. But I hope that someday you will get your love like the character in my story :)

tdog16Gifted Writer14 and excited!
6 months agoReply
That was a cute cliche! I am also a nerdy girl 🤓 so this story made me envy not having that great life. The life where my crush gets over his wits and gives me a chocolate bar...hhhum..oh well! At least a mystical person gets to live a dream life! 😂Sorry for ranting truly was a cute story!