"The moon"

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laibazafar My thoughts are my words.
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"The moon"

The moon at back shined so bright, made my eyes all white.

The boy stood next to me, open wide eyes.

wind blew into my ears, I could see their tears.

the hands were cold and I made my heart bold.

We all come into this world in a piece made up of organs, blood and cells. we all have a heart and a mind that speaks to us and tells us to do things.

It's the fate that separates us into rich or poor, stable or unstable, genius or creative.

this poem depicts how a person born rich is pampered all his life, having a stable background that supports him even in the darkest of times.

someone who has had the privilege of experiencing 'life' and the glory of the world,

experiencing the luxury in every sector of life that has made him ignore the rights of the poor or the ones who had no way in life of experiencing those luxuries.

the privilege that has made him more greedy to earn more of everything. being rich is not wrong, it becomes wrong when the rights of the society are ignored.

'A boy stood next to me' tells about the other, in fact the outer side of the world a rich one holds.

it tells about that people such as opposite to him exist, it tells that there is something more to this word. it tells how one gets exposure to what next is.

'I could see their tears', the exposure part, when you try to come out of your shell and try to find your self in a perspective of helping.

'the hands were cold and i made my heart bold', this phrase is rather more about how one sees things with their own eyes instead of that of the others.

about how a person wants to and tries to come out to do things on their own.

making the heart bold when the hands are cold mean how a person with nothing in his hands or with no background fights for what is right which makes his heart bold.

bold enough to fight back for truth and justice.

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