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laescritoralsz Free verse/Freestyle poetry
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Look, come closer, look again

Disenteresada By Layal J. Z

Stop Basta Ya

Stop Giving yourself To everyone Like that — You are l i k e a roll of duct tape

Always there To fix it All Cuts Emergencies Urgencies Broken door handle? You got it Broken vase? You got it

Broken lights? You got it Broken table? You got it. Anything else to mend? Use me! I’m duct tape! I fix Everything

Have you ever Taken A closer Look At my surface Look Come closer Look again

Look At my grey edges Look how they’re Torn Worn out Frail Over used

You look at me To grab me To fix things To fix you Always there for you Your every need

What about me? Ever notice me? My edges are worn out Can barely stick to things anymore You can’t fix me- And you don’t care to. But I don’t need you As much as you need ME

———the effects of being completely selfless At everyone’s disposal Your wish is my command but consequently My wish is always out of hand

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