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The Golden Queen, she shall be

The Ethereal and Brilliant One

By Nicola

Beyond the seas, there are the Isles Where the old castle once proudly stood Nothing but a shadow of its former glory Its land once divided of mortals and other beings

The mist surrounds the ruins Secrets buried in the grave of the past But one, The echoes from both past and present That once inhabited the old castle

A legend, Intertwined strings of two souls How their fates led by one prophecy

The Ethereal and Brilliant One, the Isles princess who shall become the epitome of a King

The Man with a Thousand Names, the creature of the Old who shall become the embodiment of a Knight

Where it all began, Magic is forbidden Those whose learn or unfortunately born with magic Will meet their fate with one swift blow

The law reached far To a Golden King who ruled over a distant land A prosperous mortal Kingdom in Albion

The Golden Queen bore a child before passing The princess had Hair as bright as the sunrise Skin as fair as porcelain Eyes as blue and green as the ocean

The King’s oldest sister Klorress, who wish the crown for herself She dreamt of riches and fame Studied dark magic in secret

The daughter, Invoked the rising wrath and jealousy

The same Isles princess, a headstrong youth Many who vied for her hand sung praises about her ocean eyes

Will soon collide with The same creature of the Old, a sorcerer Born in the sea fortress who speaks the language of dragons With a name cannot be spoken in any other land than his own

He travelled far to the ancient Kingdom Destined to become the companion of the daughter Who's blood shared with the destruction of dragons by many Kings

Before Midsummer, Knowing the prophecy first hand, the sorcerer dreaded She is the key to uniting the whole Isles To hold the light for mortals and other beings

Scornful of his destiny to protect the crown princess The princess’ haughtiness exasperated the sorcerer While his bumblingness and silliness makes him a favourite of ridicule

Their destiny may have been written in stone, but their journeys together made their friendship and grudging affection flourished Two idealists seeking justice and truth

Body of a young woman beneath lies the heart and spirit of a King

A man who’s in a quest for knowledge of the new World

In absolute, he strengthened his oath of protection The Golden Princess is not without enemies His magic was soon revealed Klorress made attempt to seize the kingdom with her magic alone, The King’s sister actions was undermined by the sorcerer

He stood in front before the princess “I am magic.” He whispers The confession led to exile Without a goodbye He fled to the forest

The next Midsummer has passed, Dragonlord, the banished magics have called him In the middle of the forest of thorns He was free to use his magic yet it doesn’t soothe the ache

Heavy footsteps came The sight of the unexpectant princess Harsh red marks on her skin pierced by the thorns Her dishevelled appearance with a determined look, She was a sight, she was glorious

Her father, the King has been slayed The Kingdom is brought on its knees Klorress’ invading army have sieged the castle The False Queen wears the crown and sits on the throne

The princess managed to run with the remaining loyal knights She carried their will as her pride She now was a contender for the crown The sorcerer agreed to accompany The Golden Queen, she shall be

The princess rally the people Against a common foe She as the rightful heir To pull the promised sword from the lake The task was impossible but for this Isles’ sake It’s a risk she will take

“Have faith,” The sorcerer said The miracle she held in her hands Holds the golden sheath written ‘Worthy thee beholder shall bear the same glory I had vowed for’ The sword bathed in light The light of eternity

For the words hope and glory engraved in the sword As acceptance of destiny

The war ended with two shared blood exchanging swords One perished and one gravely wounded The sorcerer carried the princess to heal her wounds He tells her to hold on despite on the brink of death

Her usual bravado fades little by little Painting the floor red along the way Stumbling, the location is too far She looks into his eyes with unconcealed devotion The ocean eyes

She says, “Let’s meet again.” instead of goodbye Gentle sunrise shyly peaked through the leaves As soon as the light hits, she closed her eyes

She was soon placed on a boat The boat sailed away Swallowed by the sea Where she sails, Lays beyond his reach She will breathe her first air in where she rests

The infinite land where she lays in the flower fields, the promised sovereign was resting Her demise spread across the land to the seas Her name achieved immortality

With the sun fading, the moon soon followed Chasing for the fading light He waits for her on the other side As she on the other end Detained in the isle near to the Fae

Sharing the same view, the gentle waves of the waters that separates them Waiting for him

Now, the sorcerer wanders towards the old castle Shrouded of the faded Golden Age Last time, he walked in a grand castle, he walked with the Golden Queen Now he walks with his memories

The land was soon caged with conflict The Isles is in dire need He walked out of the entrance The wind shifts, blowing freshly Through his path

He stops, craning his head to the forest behind him, and just knows He knows This is the day she will be with him again The Golden Queen The Golden Queen has returned

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