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Delilah seems to have a pretty normal life for an adult of her age, but as the lost memories suddenly returns to her, there's nothing she can do about her connection with the most wanted wizard, Sirius Black, and the whole wizarding world.

Never Let Me Go

Author's note and disclaimer

Hello beautiful readers! This story is also on Quotev and Wattpad but since I'm new here I would like to let you know a few things about this story:

1. The story is going to have 20 chapters and it's going to be divided in three parts (Part 1 w/5 chapters. Part 2 w/10 chapters and Part 3 w/5 chapters). Some of the chapters might seem too short and others too long (sorry for that).

2. The time frame used in this story along with some dates are going to be the same as in the books; however, some other small details might varied between the books and the film adaptations.

3. The only physical appearance description that I'll give you in this story about the protagonist is the texture,length and colour of her hair as well as the shape of her eyes and that's it. This means that the rest is your imagination.

4. Of course, this is a work of fiction so, some of the canon events might change a little.

5. Finally, I really hope you enjoy this story and help you to distract a little from the hard times we are currently living (but that hopefully we'll make it through).

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, music, businesses, events, and incidents are either the product's of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious way.

Everything related to the wizarding world belongs to the great J.K. Rowling; any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Part 1: The end of the beginning Do you see what we've done? We've gone and made such fools of ourselves...

Chapter 1: Alone Again

“Hello kitten… What are you doing here? I thought I wasn’t going to see you anymore” A woman said, while walking to her door after a tiring day at work. The black cat that was walking along her seemed to understand and just answered with some “meows”.

“You’re hungry… me too. Come on, let’s eat something” The woman said to the cat again, opening her door as the cat entered her house. “Hello mom and dad… fortunately busy day at the patisserie” She said to a photograph on the wooden table she had in the middle of her living room.

Then, she went to the kitchen and feed the black cat, while she just decided to heat up some pasta in the microwave.

She was a lonely London woman who was about to be 30 in the following days, a fact that made her gloomier in the previous weeks. She didn’t have a love, neither plans to get married or settle down, but she also felt lonely and lost sometimes.

Her parents died in a car crash when she was seventeen and though she had a successful patisserie chain around the country and great friends, sometimes she felt something was missing.

But there was a hole inside her chest that she remembered having it since forever… she just didn’t understand the reason; however, she also had the gift of being optimistic and she was always seen in a good and energetic mood.

Chapter 2: Once Upon a Dream

September 9th 1992, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry “We don’t even have a week here and they’re already killing us with so many homework” Ron complained while entering the classroom where History of Magic was going to begin.

“All we have to do is get through the next class and we’ll be free” Hermione said this time. “And that just happens to be History of Magic” Harry said in a tiring but frantically way, making obvious his annoyance.

They all took their sits, but when they were expecting professor Cuthbert Binns, instead Severus Snape appeared, surprising everyone.

“What is he doing here?” Harry whispered to Ron, but before he could answer, Snape did it. “Well that’s a very interesting question Potter, as a matter of fact, Professor Binns is unwell today. I’m going to be your Professor for today… whether if you like it or not” He said, looking directly at Harry while saying these last lines.

“Everyone, page 99” “Hey… I know her!” Harry whispered once again. “You do?” Ron asked this time, looking at his own book. “Mr. Longbottom, can you start reading please?” Snape asked and Neville did it as he said.

The small text was about the greatest wizards of the History and the things they have done to have their places there; a good photo size with a short description and their contributions to magic as well as their current status accompanied the page. Neville continued the lecture until he reached the bottom of the page, with the last character on the list.

“And last but not least, there’s Miss Delilah Cavendish, a gifted witch and often called <the greatest wizard of her generation> condemned to doom for her dark magic connections”

Name: Delilah Cavendish Other names: Doris Purkiss (allegedly) Generation: 1971-1978 Contributions to the magic world: Invention of potions for specific problems. Invention of new charms.

Contributions to the magic world: Invention of potions for specific problems. Invention of new charms. Awards: Order of Merlin (1978). Current Status: After her punishment for having links with the events occurred on Halloween’s eve in 1981 it is unknown whether she lives or not.

“ENOUGH!” Severus literally shouted, while the whole classroom went silent. “You’re off for today” “But…” Another student was about to ask, since it was confusing. “I SAID OFF… GET OUT OF THE CLASSROOM EVERYBODY!” He shouted one more time, as everybody rushed to the door.

Once he was alone, Severus took a look at the photo of the smiling girl in the book, while he just whispered “Happy birthday”.

“What was all that about?” Ron asked while they were walking towards the Great Hall. “I don’t have idea but clearly affected Snape… maybe a lost love” Hermione said with curiosity. “Snape… loving somebody? I don’t think so” Ron answered.

“I swear she looks like the woman who used to give me traits after school and the only person who was ever nice to me before coming here” Harry said this time. “That doesn’t seem possible…” “I guess they’re just look alike” Harry ended.

Chapter 3: Mirror Mirror

“I think a storm it’s coming” A short haired woman said while looking at the sky. “That’s why I suggested to have dinner inside but you all voted for a garden party… and here we are, trying to build this tent”

“At least your owl friends are having a good laugh looking at us having a hard time with the decorations” The other woman added, looking at the tree in her friend’s backyard where there were a few owls looking carefully at them. “I’ve never seen owls in the daytime before… I thought they were night creatures”

“Since when you have them, Dei?” “About a month ago they started to come… I guess they really like the wisteria tree so I just let them stay… it doesn’t bother me… I like it” She answered smiling and looking at them.

After an hour or so, the decorations and the tent was done, so the girls went in and started to check their outfits. And... a few hours later, claps, cheers and the sound of crystal clicking flooded the garden, where the birthday dinner’s party was having its best moment.

“Come on Dei…” A guy, friend of the birthday girl said, while showing up with a cake and lots of little candles. “You didn’t” She answered, a little bit embarrassed. “For the successful woman that you are… Happy 30th Delilah” A blonde woman said this time raising her glass, followed by everybody else, as they cheered again.

“Now blow the candles!” Another one said. “But first make a wish! Don’t forget about it!” Her best friend shouted this time.

Delilah quickly looked around her and felt blessed for having that kind of people in her life, for being alive, and having a decent and successful job. So, the only thing she wished like a whisper from the bottom of her heart and silently was “That everyone can be happy” and she blew the candles with the gentlest air that her lungs let out.

As she was blowing the candles, nobody noticed, but a small frame of 0.5 seconds in time stopped and changed.

While she was letting her body deliver her wish, her soul connected with a couple of people she didn’t remember until that very moment and the feeling in her heart was shared with a man in rags who was a million miles away from there, suffering in silence since a long time ago and celebrating in a sad way her birthday, a date he never forgot.

Everything stopped and then continued as if nothing had happened.

But Delilah wasn’t just the same anymore...

“Heeey… are you alright?” Someone asked, at seeing her pale and taking a sit quickly. “Y-yeah… is just… I think I’ve had too much wine. Uhmm… I think I’m going to the toilet… if you excuse me”

“Sure… if you need anything let us know” Her friend said. “Thanks” She answered while rushing inside the house.

She ran to the stairs and then went to her bedroom, locking the door behind her; then she turned up the small crystal lamp on her mirrored vanity, sat on the tool just in front of the three-piece mirror and looked for a cigarette and lighter in one of the drawers.

Once she found these items, she tried to light the cigarette, but her hands were trembling so badly, that she could barely hold it in her hands and suddenly, she stopped to look at her reflection… or more like the person who was behind her.

Chapter 4: Heavy In Your Arms

“Professor Dumbledore…” She whispered and he smiled warmly. “I thought your days of rebel smoking had finished a long time ago… but I guess you’ll need more than that for the conversation we’ll have. Come with me?” He said, offering his arm.

Delilah turned around and walked slowly up to him; she knew they were going to travel by apparition, so she held his arm and they immediately appeared in a dark house that soon lighted as Dumbledore put out his deluminator.

“I don’t expect you to be confuse or…?” “No, not at all… I remember everything clearly and…” She took her hand to her chest and some tears fell over her face. “I am aware it’s been a long time… but we couldn’t do it before” “I know…”

“I also know he’s innocent” “He’s always been innocent… but none of you believed us back then! Only Severus and he didn’t even like him” Delilah said crying more and clearly frustrated. “And that is why we are going to fix it”

“Of course we are! I’m gonna take him out of there” “Easy Delilah… it’s not that simple and you know it. No one has ever escaped from Azkaban” “Well he’ll be the first to achieve that and I’ll help him”

“Always using the heart instead of the head…” Someone else said, entering the room. “S-severus…” Delilah said almost in a whisper, with more tears threatening to fall. “Happy birthday” That’s the only thing he answered as she went to him and shared a strong hug before someone else interrupted with his voice.

“I really didn’t remember you as the greatest friends” “Moony…” Delilah said and ran towards him, having an intense embrace “God Remus… you’ve changed… but you’re so handsome” She said crying and half smiling, while Remus Lupin was already cleaning her tears.

“Delilah… I… I want you to forgive me for not believing in you or Sirius back in the day” He said while trying to restrain his tears (but failing at doing so). “It’s alright now Remus… we just have to get him out of there” “Yes, we will” Remus answered.

“But we need a plan for that” Severus added this time, breaking the moment between the old friends. “And that’s why we are all gathered here… Minerva will arrive anytime soon and I think this is a good moment for the Order of the Phoenix to reborn” Dumbledore added.

As he said, Professor McGonagall arrived soon, and after taking a nostalgic and thrilled good look to one of her favourite students of all time, the fourth of them started to come up with ideas for a plan to save and innocent life once and for all.

After two hours of ideas and plans it was decided that they will wait a few months before Delilah could help him escape; Professor McGonagall suggested that Remus should be hired next year as a teacher for the DADA subject, since he was a qualified man.

That statement took by surprise the rest of them, specially Snape who wasn’t very fond of him and also wanted that job, but they needed a good plan and that was a good idea.

Albus also talked about the rumours of Voldemort trying to hunt Harry again, and it was also mentioned that the kid should know the truth about what really happened with his parents and the innocence of their friend, Sirius.

Delilah promised not to rush about Sirius and his escape from Azkaban, and they also set a date for that event, being the next summer the right time for doing it so; however, she pleaded for the chance to visit him in a way she couldn’t be detected by the dementors and Albus gave her permission, since he knew she was very talented at doing that.

They would keep in touch constantly through messages in subtle ways, and it was agreed that Delilah would continue with her current life, always carefully of not perform magic in any way, or the ministry of magic would know.

At the precise midnight of November 3rd when the cold and dark Azkaban was already sleeping, a crow slipped into one of the cells, placing itself on the bed of a man that was already dreaming about something.

The man woke up all of a sudden, to his surprise of seeing the black feathered friend by his side, but his eyes opened a little bit wider when the crow gave him the piece of cloth he had on his beak all this time. Sirius took the silk handkerchief gently in his hands and noticed the letters embroidered in it… “D. P. C.” he whispered to himself and suddenly hit him…

“Delilah” He whispered one more time, and at the same moment the crow flew away. “Happy Birthday, Sirius” He heard the feminine voice whispered in his ear.

Sirius woke up with a surprised jolt when he felt a warm kiss on his forehead but soon realised it was already daytime; a little bit depressed because it had been a dream, he went off of bed but a piece of cloth fell to the floor, making his heart to race suddenly.

He took it and saw it was the same silk handkerchief from his dream, he saw the initials embroidered and smelled it. He smiled as the fragrance filled him and a new hope started to built inside him since he was now sure Delilah was back again in his life despite what had happened in the past.

Chapter 5: Cruel Summer

Months passed and soon 1992 was ending; Delilah continued working in her patisserie as if nothing had happened, while some days she would attend to the secret reunions of the order of the phoenix to prepare better for the big moment.

In the almost ten months that had happened, Delilah would practice her magic in a very discreet way, and by the end of summer 93’ Albus Dumbledore had given her permission to take Sirius out of Azkaban.

But that wasn’t an easy task. The minimum mistake and everything would be lost.

On the night of July 27th1993, the Order of the Phoenix was aware that Sirius was going after Peter Pettigrew after seeing a picture of him (in his animagus form) with the Weasley family in Egypt on the newspaper, and that’s where Delilah would come in.

While Sirius was desperate in his cell trying to figure out how to escape a prison like that, he fell asleep with tiredness; he had some weird dreams and suddenly the same voice (that he would swear it was Delilah’s) woke him up with the word “Padfoot” whispered in his ear.

He got the meaning of that and that’s how he escaped Azkaban without never being detected by the dementors; the news of this broke out just a few hours after that happened and he made his way to Surrey to take a look at his godson, who clearly freaked out at seeing that huge black dog staring at him on the street.

In October, a month after the new school year started at Hogwarts, everyone kept talking about the crazy wizard that escaped from Azkaban and Harry was more interested than the rest of the students due to his connection with his parent’s death that he slightly was aware of.

During a class of History of magic, professor Binns ask them to research about any wizard or witch with a relevant history in potions, and as they were going to work in teams, Hermione thought it was a good idea to take one of the greatest and forgotten witches of the school: Delilah Cavendish.

The problem was, that there was very few information about her, like if they wanted her to be really erased or forgotten, something that made the guys even more interested in her.

The trio came up with a plan and they used the invisibility cloak to visit the restricted section of the library after dinner; they were very careful with this, since that area was only free for advanced students, though they were not interest in complex spells or charms, but in this mysterious woman whose name had been haunted them since the previous year.

The three of them started to look up in the index but the only thing they found was an old article about her from twelve years ago in a newspaper of that time. Ron took the old piece of paper as they sat in one of the tables and started to read in a kind of whisper.

“Delilah Cavendish, the talented witch doomed by the darkness of love. Writen by Rita Skeeter” “Go on” Hermione told her.

“They say the greatest loves of all time survive forever, but that might not be possible for our ex-favourite witch Delilah Cavendish and the handsome wizard Sirius Black. Being a popular couple since a few years ago, they met their fate after it was discovered their connections with the Dark Lord and the ultimate fall of the Potter family.

Though it is well known that Mr. Black sentence is life imprisonment without a trial, it is still unknown what Miss Cavendish sentence is; however, and according to my closest resources it is said her sentence is much worse than any other in the history of magic and some people claim that the expression in the mugshot of Mr. Black was the genuine reaction after hearing his lover 's destiny.

It is said that only lovers left alive, but that doesn’t seem to suit these two lovebirds… and what’s worst crime sentence that anybody could possibly have than a broken heart?” Ron finished the reading.

“So she was the girlfriend of the man who was involved in my parents death?” Harry said in a whispered. “Not at all, sometimes half of the truth remains unknown, although someday it surfaces” Another voice was heard in front of them, as they took the cloak off.

“Professor Lupin… we were just-“ Hermione tried to say. “I know you’re doing a research for another class but, that kind of tabloid is not going to help you at all” He said in a relax way. “There’s no much information about her sir” Ron added this time.

“Well… if you come to my office with me and let me tell you the true story about this amazing witch before it’s bedtime, I can pretend I didn’t find you here and also I can help you with your homework” “Alright” Harry said and they followed him.

The trio took a sit and looked at him looking for something in one of the drawers, and soon he took out a photograph in which were pictured James Potter, Peter Pettigrew, Lily Potter, Sirius Black, Delilah and him. Harry was the most surprised of the three, but before the questions began, Professor Lupin decided to tell them almost everything.

“Well… as you can see, she was one of us… she was a close friend of your parents Harry… and she is- I mean was, one of my best friends” Remus said, trying to hide the mistake of mentioned her. Remus took a deep breath and then started.

“Everything started in September of 1971, when we all started our first year here in Hogwarts and you would be surprise because she was kind of a celebrity like you, Harry...”

Part 2: The Goddess Of The Underworld And Of Spring And if tomorrow it's all over at least we had it for a moment. Oh, darling, things seem so unstable but for a moment we were able to be still.

Chapter 1: Which Witch?

Why the fresh year girl of raven hair was such a sensation when she attended Hogwarts for the first time? That was something she would ask to herself very often, but like everybody else, she knew the truth behind all that fear/admiration/hatred.

Delilah Persephone Cavendish was born on a rainy night on September 9th of 1960; she was the only child of Ulysses Cavendish and his wife, Cornelia Cavendish. Her parents met during their Hogwarts years and started to date after both of them became head boy and head girl of their houses.

Cornelia Cavendish was part of a noble family that descended directly from Rowena Ravenclaw and as the family tradition, she was sorted into that house. On the other hand, Ulysses came from The Noble House of Cavendish, one of the eldest and wealthiest pure blood families in Great Britain and one of the Sacred Twenty Eights, whose ancestors could be traced down back to Salazar Slytherin itself.

Ulysses’ family was obsessed with the pure-blood topic and the prohibition of the filthy half-blood like their family liked to call people who weren’t pure-blood like them; the problem with Ulysses (according to his family) was that he rejected that idea and strongly disagreed with them, causing a fracture between them since an early age.

Ulysses was a warm heart man that didn’t like that kind of injustice with the rest of the people; plus, he had many cool muggle friends that he cared about (something that made her mother very upset). The big event happened when Ulysses went to Hogwarts and broke the tradition by being sorted into Gryffindor instead of Slytherin.

He made great friends there and after graduation he cut all relationship with his family, married Cornelia Van Tassel and lived in the suburbs in South London.

When Delilah was born, they gave her the second name in honour of the goddess of spring and queen of the underworld, Persephone, due to the skill the little baby had within.

Delilah was a left handed and could make the flowers or any other form of nature grow even when it wasn’t the right season, but she also could take life easily if she wanted, though she never did something on purpose and sometimes she just dried flowers with the touch of her fingertips.

These late examples were nothing extraordinary or too much of special talent, but later it was found that due to this condition, she was the only known wizard that couldn’t been killed with the Avada Kedavra curse, after she survived a direct attack at the age of 4.

The rumours started to circulate everywhere and it soon reached Voldemort, who was anxious for having this powerful girl by his side, since he thought she would be the excellent heir of his legacy.

But Delilah’s parents acted quickly and raised her like any other kid of her age, without stupid prejudices about other people, neither pretentiousness about her powers.

They never hided from her the potential she had, and she always was aware that her dark side was stronger than her light side, but as her mother always told her: “At the end of the day it depends on you… you have the power to control and change things, just choose wisely” and so she did when she got to Hogwarts.

Delilah holds the longest record of a hatstall after being waiting for 10 minutes for the decision of the hat, who had a difficult time trying to decide whether she belonged to Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Gryffindor, but seemed the girl’s wishes played an important part in it and she was ultimately sorted into Gryffindor.

She’s also one of the few wizards that can easily perform charms or spells without a wand, but that was banned from her once she got to Hogwarts, though once in a while a small spell without her wand didn’t hurt nobody and she also can speak fluently parseltongue since age 5.

She easily made friends with Lily Evans and Marlene McKinnon, and despite being more feared than loved in the school for her serious features, Delilah actually was an excellent friend, talented but troublesome student and very polite person (with the people that deserved it).

On 1974, during her third year, she became friends with James Potter, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew but Sirius Black had a different luck with her, since she couldn’t stand him.

Chapter 2: Bad Blood

The loud cheers and the laughs of the four friends and others that were enjoying the show flooded the hall, where a boy from Slytherin was floating against his will, and the others continued entertaining themselves by doing it so.

“Stopped it! You’re hurting him!” A redhead shouted without being really noticed. “I said TO STOP!” The same girl said this time, attracting the attention of the boy in glasses who just stood there and looked at her, breaking the joke and placing the boy on the ground.

The girl ran to his friend, while the rest of the students kept laughing and at that same moment Delilah appeared to help her friend. “DON’T TRY TO HELP ME! YOU FILTHY MUDBLOOD!” “Severus…” The girl whispered and left the place running and trying to hide her tears.

The rest of the students that continue there just stood in silence after that shocking scene, but Delilah wasn’t going to let that moment to be forgotten. “Stand up, Snape” Delilah called softly. “What?” He asked, confused and still on the ground, with a disgusted face.

“I said STAND UP, SNAPE” She shouted this time, levitating him without just her voice, something that scared the rest of the students. “You know you hurt my friend… your friend… don’t you? Lily came to help you and you just treated her like that?” Delilah said, while walking towards him as Snape was going paler each second since she was cutting his breathing.

The sky went grey and some thunders could be heard, more students gathered in a matter of seconds out of curiosity but also frozen at the display of powers the girl was doing. “What is it now Snivellus? You can’t talk? Has the cat got your tongue?” She added going closer, while Severus was doing some desperate movements to his neck at the lack of air.

“Miss Cavendish stop it!” Professor McGonagall shouted, breaking the moment and making Delilah to released Severus from her power, falling to the floor and coughing heavily. Delilah turned around and saw Minerva with Albus Dumbledore already checking the scene.

“You know is against the rules to use dark magic and to perform magic without a wand” Dumbledore said to her.

“So now what? Am I gonna be expelled? What you should ban in this school is the discrimination, you should ban your stupid students for using derogatory words like mudblood, you should teach your students that we’re all the same at the end of the day and no matter what kind of blood ancestry you have, nothing of that makes you better than the other…

...The purity of blood? That’s bollocks!” Delilah said very upset.

“Come with me please” Dumbledore said in a calm way and she followed him. “The rest of you go back to your activities… the show is over!” Said Professor McGonagall.

Delilah wasn’t expelled, as Dumbledore understood and admired her disagreement with those pure-blood things, but she got detention until the winter break, which was better than being kicked out of school.

After the incident, Lily and Severus friendship fractured badly and thanked eternally to Delilah for defended her. Delilah’s parents heard about it and while they also grounded her, they were a little bit happy inside because they had raised their child with good values.

Chapter 3: I'm With You

November 1974, Hogwarts “Dei, you’re gonna get in trouble… why don’t we just go to the kitchen and prepare something?” “Lily… this is important”

“Why you want to be so badly an animagus?” “Because it’s cool!” “Then do it and register it… I know you can” “But that’s the point Lily… I don’t want to register my animagus form” Delilah said curious.

“Delilah… you know that the people who use this without register can go straight to Azkaban?” “Don’t worry Lily, Delilah will never go to Azkaban, she’s the master” Marlene said, entering the bedroom. “Thank you… Marlene knows what I’m talking about” Delilah said smiling and Lily looked at them in a weird way.

“Geez… you want that potion too, right?” Lily asked now to Marlene, but the laugh on both girls was enough answer. “I’ll be alright, don’t worry… I just need two phials, one for me and the other for Marlene and I’ll find them in the potion’s classroom. So, see you later on the great hall”

“Just be careful” Lily said, as Delilah rushed to the classroom.

She went downstairs, crossed the halls greeting some classmates trying not to look suspicious and then went down to the dungeons, where the classroom was located; Delilah didn’t enjoy that place because it was too cold, but she was already there and it was going to be quickly.

Her surprise when she got into the classroom was noticing she wasn’t alone, but she continued as if nothing had happened and started to look for the glass phials.

“W-what are you doing here?” “None of your business, Potter” She answered sharply and clearly frustrated because she didn’t find what she was looking for. “Well, we’re in the middle of something and you can’t be here”

“Sirius Black telling me what to do? Mmmmhhh… I don’t think so” Delilah answered this time, facing the curly haired teenager. Remus, James, Peter and even Sirius went tense, they witnessed what she did to Snape two years before, and they definitely didn’t want to make her angry.

“Look, it’s easy… you didn’t see me and I didn’t see you. Deal? You can trust my word, I’m not a snitch” “Deal” Remus said, holding hands with her to seal the deal and being followed by Peter, James and Sirius… but the last one was left with his hand in the air, since the girl literally ignored him.

Delilah returned to her task, while they returned to whatever they were trying to do in the ceiling. “Well that was easy” Said Peter. “You’re saying that because your only task was to check on the door… which you didn’t do very well” Sirius added this time.

“Yes!” Delilah whispered to herself and smiling once she got the two phials and placed them in her purse. “What do you need that for?” James asked this time, but he was interrupted. “What are you doing here!?” “Professor Slughorn!” The boys said at unison but frozen at his discovery.

“I asked… What are you doing here? You know you can’t be in the classroom before or after class, you better have a good reason boys” He added, clearly angry.

“Professor Slughorn, let me explain to you” Delilah made her way through the boys and continued “Remember you asked us to come up with a good idea of a new potion? And since you said we were free to work alone or in teams, well…

...this is our team, so James, Remus, Peter, Sirius and me are going to work together and I am sure you will be very pleased to hear our proposal and the advances we have in a new potion for lycanthropy” Delilah said proudly while Horace seemed pleased just by hearing this and Remus felt surprised and embarrassed at the same time.

“Very well then! You never disappoint when it comes to potions, Miss Cavendish. Well… see you in a few hours guys!” Horace answered happily and let them go. While walking out, they were all in silence until she spoke again.

“If you really want your prank to work, you should move the rope 45 degrees to the left” She said and left them behind, while they were still in shock that she actually helped them… twice.

During the potions class later that day, the Slytherin student Severus Snape, was again targeted with a new joke that involved an orange slime falling all over him and with the classroom being filled with laughs and hurtful comments.

Of course, Snape left the classroom immediately, followed by a very upset Professor Slughorn that ended up taking 50 points off from Gryffindor and Slytherin, since he couldn’t actually discover who was the author of the prank.

Despite de lost of points, the whole class was enjoying the joke, but as everyone was laughing, Lily was very upset, though she didn’t say anything.

During lunch time, Lily skipped the meal, saying she wanted some time alone (but Delilah knew she would probably go to try and talk to Severus) so they agreed to see each other in the next class and have dinner together. Delilah went to the great hall and took a seat, where she started to eat alone and in silence, just reading a book.

“Uhmm… Can we sit here?” Remus asked her, as he was standing next to her. “Sure… this is a free school… you can sit anywhere you want” She answered and returned to her book, until she saw Peter sitting on the other side and James and Sirius in front of her.

“We want to thank you… for today” Sirius said this time. “About what?” She said, still reading her book. “When you said that lie to Professor Slughorn and then you didn’t expose us after the Snape joke”

“Well… we were doing forbidden things and if I didn’t come up with something, we would all be now in detention… it’s ok” She answered nonchalantly and not looking at Sirius. “Well… anyways… thank you” James added this time. “Ok… you’re welcome” She answered looking at him.

“Hey, did you get that?” Marlene said frantically as she interrupted the little chat she was having with the boys. “Shhhh! Jesus Marlene… keep it low” Delilah whispered. “Sorry!” Marlene said, sitting between James and Sirius.

“Stop talking about this… your glass phial is in your bed, don’t forget to bring the other items and we better skip dinner tonight. See you at 8:00 pm near the Whomping Willow… but not too close” Delilah answered in an almost whisper. “Okay! See you there! I can’t wait!” Marlene said very exciting and left the place.

“What was all that about?” “Nothing, Remus” Delilah said, taking her books and leaving her place, but before she disappeared, she added something else.

“See you tomorrow after lunch at the common room. Remember we’re suppose to be a team now and we have a project to work with for Potions class. Don’t be late” She added and then left.

The boys started to speculate the possible scenarios abut what was the secret she and Marlene McKinnon had for that night, so naturally, they decided to go that night and take a look by themselves with the invisible cloak.

The full moon was raising, so only three of the friends went to see what the girls were about to do, and Marlene and Delilah used their phials to make what it looked like a potion; the boys were looking carefully at each movement of the girls, until Marlene all of a sudden became a cute stoat and Delilah became a beautiful crow.

After what it looked like five minutes, the girls returned to their original appearance as they celebrated with a clap of hands and some cheers because the potion did work; they returned to the great hall and had dinner with Lily, who was already worried about them but seemed to be happy when they told her the successful results of the potion.

Chapter 4: You Won't See Me

“So… why a Wolfsbane potion?” Remus asked nervously the day after seeing the girl in her animagus form. “Because I know somebody that would find it be very useful” Delilah answered looking at him strongly, but she didn’t say more.

“How are we gonna brew it?” James asked this time. “This is only a project… I’m still working on the ingredients, most of them are very expensive” She said disappointed and lowering her gaze.

“Well, we better keep researching… it would be cool if this potion is invented” Sirius added this time, but once again the girl ignored him.

The days passed and they kept gathering for the research on their project; the guys and Delilah seemed to be closer and closer within the days, but Sirius didn’t have the same luck, as he tried his best to like the girl, and though she wasn’t openly rude to him, she would just ignored him.

During the last week of class in December, the guys and Delilah were highly praised by Professor Horace for their project about the possible upcoming wolfsbane potion, and they decided to celebrate by going to the Three Broomstick for a couple of butterbeers.

Delilah invited Marlene and Lily but they declined because Lily couldn’t stand James Potter and their friends due to the bullying caused to Severus. The friends have had several butterbeers when they decided to go back to Hogwarts on that snowy night; they were a little bit tipsy but still in a good mood, talking about their plans for Christmas.

Peter, Delilah and Remus were ahead of James and Sirius, whom decided to slow down a little at the request of the Black. “You know what James? I’m just gonna ask her why the hell does she hate me?” “Sirius… I don’t think she-“

“Come on… she’s nice with everybody else but me… but I don’t know why I’ve never been rude to her” “Sirius you better-“ “Hey Delilah!” Sirius shouted and Remus and Peter stopped but she continued walking, ignoring his call.

“Delilah, I’m talking to you” Sirius said, followed by a very embarrassed James. “Cavendish!” Sirius finally shouted, making her to stop and turn around. “What? What do you want?” She answered clearly irritated. “I need to have a word with you” He finally said.

“We’re going ahead” James said, dragging Peter and Remus with him. Delilah walked up to where Sirius was, who stayed in silence. “So?” “Why do you hate me?” “What?”

“Why do you hate me? Come on, you’re a good friend with everybody else but me… What did I ever do to you? Cause I don’t understand and you start to be annoying” “Annoying? Me?” “Yes! You, Delilah! Why don’t you make me a favour and tell me openly why do I dislike you so badly?”

“Alright then Mr. Black… I don’t like you because I hate the people that think like you and your family” Delilah said and he looked at her with confusion. “Don’t give me that look… we all know what your family is and I’m sorry but I don’t agree with that idea” “I think I’m not following you”

“The noble and most ancient House of Black doesn’t ring any bell? I know your family is one of those families who are miserable to muggles or muggle-born or anything that isn’t pure-blood. I’m so sick and tired of that crap… no one is better than the other! And definitely the blood issues don’t have anything to do with it”

“But that’s my family! I’m not like them!”

“Oh really? Well that’s not what I remember of a reunion in your house so many years ago that I had to attend with my grandmother, which happened to be one of your parents’ best friend. I heard everything they said in there… I heard the atrocious and despicable terms for the people that weren’t like them and no thank you, I don’t want to have anything to do with your family and that includes YOU!”

“You’re so damn wrong Cavendish! And if you hate so much my family why don’t you hate your own? You think the whole school doesn’t know you come from The Noble House of Cavendish? They’re not much different than my family, they share the same beliefs and that’s why they’re so close...

...You think you and your parents make the difference but this has been going on since before us! And the only difference between you and me is that in my case I know the school like me or doesn’t like me for how I am…

...and you are liked because they’re too afraid of you BECAUSE YOU’RE A FREAK AND THEY ACTUALLY HATE YOU IN SILENCE, JUST LIKE MYSELF!!!!” Sirius finished, regretting immediately but too proud to take back those words.

Delilah stayed in silence, as some tears were falling on her cheeks and her own pride failed to her. This was the first time ever Delilah was seen crying in public, and Peter, Remus and James were too shocked to even act quickly. The girl started to walk away slowly with her gaze on the floor.

“Delilah…” James called her. “It’s ok James, I don’t want to bother anyone right now…” “But you don’t bother us… we really like you, believe us!” Remus said this time.

“I know guys, don’t worry… we’re still friends and I won’t go berserk if that’s what you’re thinking, but for now I want to retire to my dorm, if you don’t mind… I’ll see you tomorrow next morning at breakfast. Don’t think you’re gonna be free off me so easily” She said with a small wink, while the tears were still there.

The guys let her go without saying anything, and that night a harsh snow storm broke out at Hogwarts, while Lily and Marlene tried to comfort her friend, who couldn’t stop crying all night.

Chapter 5: London Calling

After the incident between Sirius and Delilah, the girl continued to be friends with the guys, but naturally she didn’t talk to Sirius and he just decided to do the same, always saying to his friends it was better that way.

When the summer holidays arrived in 1975, Sirius was having more troubles at home, since her mother was more violent each time with him and he decided to spent more time outside than in his own house.

Walburga hated the likeness of his elder son for muggle things, and she would go mad at seeing the Gryffindor decoration at his room, as well as the posters of muggle girls in bikinis, motorcycles and his like for muggle music.

At any opportunity Walburga would bring on to the table the greatness and pride of her youngest son, Regulus, who was the right heir of the family and an excellent member of Slytherin.

But despite of all this, the rebel Black had a real serious problem: he couldn’t get Delilah out of his head; he even started to dream about her and woke up in the middle of the night clearly agitated.

He couldn’t stop but feeling terrible about what he had told her on December 74’ and he really wanted to apologised, but sending a letter was difficult since he didn’t know her address, plus, he wanted to speak to her properly.

And so, he waited for the long summer to end, and the first day of September he looked at his chance on the Hogwarts express, though that wasn’t going to be easy. Delilah greeted her friends with a lot of excitement, and she promised to pay them a visit on their place in the train, since she was going to share hers with Marlene and Lily.

“What is it? Now you’re afraid of Delilah?” James asked in a funny way to his pal. “What are you talking about?” “Come on Sirius…. We all saw how you got stiff and pale when she came to greet us” Remus said this time. “No, not at all… is just…”

“Ohhhh… You have a crush on Delilah Cavendish?” Peter said this time, earning the wide smiles and silly noises from the other two. “You bastard! How did you hide that from us?” James asked frantically. “Stop it! No, I don’t have a crush on her or any other girl… you know I don’t have time for girls right now”

“Yeah… so why you went so blushed when we said her name?” Peter asked. “Because…” The three friends went silent and payed attention with their curious eyes and their silly smiles.

“…I want to apologised to her because of what I told her the last time” He finally said. “Well… that’s very nice of you, Sirius” Peter said. “And look, here she is!” James said at the same time the girl opened the door.

“What the hell was that?” Delilah asked with a puzzled expression as the others where containing their laughter and Sirius was wishing to be dead at that same moment. “Come on, let’s go, they need space” Remus said all of a sudden and James and Peter followed him passing through the door.

“No- I mean- guys…” Sirius said clumsily and clearly nervous.

“Hey… where are you going? I came to visit you” Delilah said to them. “Yes, we know, but Sirius would like to have a word with you” James told her. “Well I don’t have anything to discuss with him”

“Delilah, please… it’s ok. Just listen to him” Remus added. As Remus was her best pal, she agreed and they left her alone with him; she closed the door while they went away, but not so far and then she sat in front of her.

The two of them stayed in silence for what it seemed to be 5 minutes, until Sirius cleared his throat and started. “Uhmm… I would like to have a word with you” “That’s what I heard” “You see… I want to apologised for what I told you back in December”

“Please don’t” “But I want to” “You don’t need to” She answered sharply and rolling her eyes. “Delilah please let me do it!” He said, sounding kind of desperate.

That was the first time the girl noticed the nice features on this guy, and understood in someway why he was the heartbreaker of Hogwarts. “Alright…” She added.

“You see… I really didn’t mean all those terrible thing I told you and I want to apologised for that… But you made me mad when you pointed at me without even knowing the hell I live at home, how I hate to live there, how I hate my family, how I hate half of the Black members and judging me when you don’t even know that my own mother beats the hell out of me every time she wants...

...I’m not trying to victimise myself, but all the things you said about me without knowing me first, all this prejudice against me just because of my family really hurt me… and so I thought to teach you a lesson with the same example of your family...

...But you’re not hated, actually you know you’re one of the most popular and best witches of Hogwarts… and I don’t hate you… I think… you’re cool” He said the last lines almost in a whisper.

The face of Delilah seemed a little bit relaxed and her frown had just disappeared, but she still didn’t say anything. “So… Can you forgive me? Can we try to be friends?” He asked one more time. “I… I want to apologised too for all the stupid things I said to you… I, I clearly was quickly to judge you”

“It’s ok” He answered with a small smile and she answered in the same way. “So… now you’re not gonna ignore me when I hang out with all of you?” She asked this time. “What? You’re the one who always ignores me!” Sirius added in a fake dramatic way and they both laughed.

“NOW KISS!” Both of them heard Peter saying as they saw the other two making jokes about them.

The fifth year of Hogwarts seemed to start better than ever, with new friendships and no bad blood between any of them; two days after they started school officially the new line up started to being called “The Marauders” as they were the coolest and most popular gang in the school that almost all time was together and planning something (mostly pranks).

“Lily? Can I have a word with you?” James asked her in the Gryffindor common room. “What do you want?” She answered him with distrust, as he wasn’t a person she was fond of because she hated all the bullying they did to Severus.

“Well, you see… in three days it’s Delilah’s birthday and Sirius thought of throwing a surprise party here in the common room for her. We’re thinking in a small reunion and maybe invite other people from the other houses but… I wanted you to know since you’re her friend and maybe you can distract her a little bit that day?” James asked politely.

“Well, that’s a sweet gesture from all of you and a great idea… Marlene and I would take care of her while you get everything done. And if you need anything please let us know” “Thank you so much Lily!” James answered with a wide smile and a light blush on his cheeks.

“See you around” She answered and went to class.

On the next days everything went normal, and Delilah never suspected about her party. On Monday September 8th, Marlene and Lily took Delilah to Hogsmeade to have a small pre-celebration and they returned to the school just in time for dinner where she noticed the guys left earlier, claiming they were tired, something that she found difficult to believe, but she didn’t suspect anything.

As the girls made it to the common room, when Delilah got in, a bunch of people shouted “Happy Birthday!” and a lot of metallic confetti started to fall from the ceiling along with some balloons.

The “small reunion” was everything but that, and the Gryffindor common room was about to explode with students from Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, all of them congratulating the girl and having a great time with alcoholic drinks, dancing and eating some cool snacks.

Delilah danced a lot with each one of her friends and some random but cute guys from other houses, as the punk or rock music was the chosen for the celebration.

She also received some presents like a new box for her wand from Lily, a coupon for a month of free sweets in Honeydukes from Remus, a coupon for a free butterbeer in The three broomstick, and a new book for spells from Marlene among other things.

In the middle of the night, the girl excused herself and went to the balcony, where she lighted a pink coloured cigarette and started to smoke. “You’re just 10 minutes being 15 and you’re already smoking?” Sirius said, joining her on the balcony.

“This is not a real cigarette… so it can’t do me no harm but it looks fancy, like the girls in those french muggle movies, you see?” She said, taking a a puff in an elegant way, while Sirius just let out a chuckle.

“Well… I just want to wish you a happy birthday and… you might think I forgot your present but that’s not true” He said, taking out a small green box from his pocket. Delilah turned around and looked at him a little bit embarrassed and with a warm smile.

“You shouldn’t” She said shyly and taking the box. “But I wanted to… open it” Sirius said, and she opened the box. The expression of surprise and happiness earned him a wide smile, as he was proud of his election.

“This is so cool Sirius! It’s beautiful! Thank you so much!” She added excited, and hugging him all of a sudden, an action that took him by surprise and made him blush madly, but that he answered in the same way. “Can you…?” She said, giving him the bracelet. “Sure” He said.

Sirius took the vintage bracelet he gifted her and took gently her left hand to placed it in her wrist. “I’m gonna wear it every day! I love these kind of things… Really, thank you Sirius” She answered with those bright eyes that Sirius hadn’t notice before until that night. “You’re welcome” He answered shyly and slightly blushed.

“That’s my song! Come on!” Delilah said suddenly, taking him by the hand and running inside, as she heard one of her favourite songs on the background and couldn’t miss it.

Chapter 6: Pretty Please

“What are you supposed to be?” Remus said, when he saw Delilah with a dramatic makeup. “I forgot you don’t know anything about muggles” Delilah said rolling her eyes. “She’s Siouxsie Sioux!” Sirius said proudly, from behind her.

When Delilah turned around, she had the same bright gazed that now unconsciously appeared every time Sirius was at her sight. “And you’re David Bowie in Aladdin Sane! That’s so cool!” She said with excitement as they shared a cute but personal moment, while the others looked at them with weirdness.

“So… the couple of muggle singers… shall we go in? I’m already hungry” Peter said, attracting their attention, as they started to walk.

The Halloween celebration was amazing and each day Delilah and Sirius were better friends; a couple of days later was Siriu’s 16th birthday and though he didn’t have a great party like Delilah’s, they all went to celebrate to The Three Broomsticks where they decided to try the firewhiskey and realized that wasn’t the ideal drink for them.

By that time of the year, Delilah was openly aware about the problem Remus had (though she knew about this before becoming friends) and was working in silence but quickly in the potion that could possibly help him...

...also, by then, James, Peter and Sirius were able to become an animagus without a problem, and so the four friends would accompany Remus once a month to the Shrieking Shrak to take care of him after his transformation.

That night was like the others, where Remus would sneak under the whomping willow so nobody would find out about his condition, and later, in their animagus form, the rest of his friends would join him. The only difference of that November night, was that Delilah announced she was going to get there a little bit later, since she wanted to finish the potion that very same day and try it with him.

And the other difference that everybody ignored, was that Sirius decided to play a prank on Severus that same night. It was well-known by the marauders that Snape hated them very much, and because of their constant disappearances every month, he was willing to research further until he would find something to accuse them.

Neither Delilah nor Remus participated directly on the pranks James, Sirius and Peter played on Severus, but didn’t they do anything to stop them and Snape (or Snivellus as Delilah called him since the second-year incident) hated all of them equally.

So that night Severus decided to take the word of Sirius, and followed the passageway of the whomping willow, ignoring the kind of thing he was going to find. Everything happened very quickly, and before Severus could reach the end of the passage, he saw the large figure of a werewolf in the peak of his transformation, easily recognizing Remus.

Soon, a scream from Severus was heard, and a crow that immediately turned into Delilah protected him from the werewolf, earning a light scratch on her arm. “James! Here!” Delilah cried, as James acted quickly and protected both of them.

Delilah then left Severus with James, who still keep protecting him, as she became a crow again and carrying a tiny glass on her beak, she threw the potion into the werewolf’s mouth, who slowly started to changed its transformation until an almost unconscious Remus fell to the floor. Peter returned to her usual self as well as Sirius, who ran to Remus.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Delilah asked frantically. “Ask your dear friend Sirius… he wanted me death… but now I’ve seen it all and I won’t keep my mouth shut” Snape said, running away from them. “No! Wait! Shiiiit!” Delilah said this time, now turning around to face the others.

“How could you do this?” She said, looking at Sirius furiously. “It was just a prank…” He answered, a little bit ashamed. “Just a prank? Come on Sirius! Remus is our friend and this is a secret that decided to share with us because we are his FRIENDS! AND YOU JUST JEOPARDISE HIM! And also, Severus could have been killed or hurt!”

“So now you’re worried about Severus? What the hell? Am I missing something?” Sirius answered clearly angry, as the rest of the friends looked at him with a confused gaze. “Are you… Is this real? We are talking about our friend Remus and the damages your stupid actions can bring to all of us and you just… YOU’RE NOT EVEN LISTENING!”

“Please guys… stop it. Don’t fight” Remus said this time. Delilah ignored Sirius for a moment and quickly went to see her friend. “Hey… how are you feeling?” “Better than ever” He answered with a weak smile.

“You have to rest a little… if this potion actually works then it’s all yours moony” She said smiling at him. “We hope so” “Well, wait for me a little… I’ll be back soon ok?” She said, standing again.

“Where are you going? We should stay here” James said this time. “I’m going to clean the mess Sirius made” She said clearly upset and becoming a crow again while flying away from the passage.

She started to look for Snape everywhere, but after all he saw there were only two options: He was going on his way to Dumbledore’s office or he was going to his dorm and wait until morning to report what had happened; and luckily, she found him on the stairs.

“Severus” She called him but he ignored her. “Severus please!” She called again and he turned around slowly with a cocky smile. “Severus and please? Well, well, well… You have to be desperate” He answered walking slowly towards her.

“I need to talk to you” “I know what you’re gonna say… You’re gonna ask me not to say anything about what I just saw a few moments ago… Well… Why would I help you?” Delilah lowered her gaze as knew she needed to think of something quickly, because Severus was right and she understand him for the first time.

“Look… I know my friends have been horrible towards you and I don’t forget what I did to you on the second-year… I apologized for that and I know I have no right to ask you anything… but please Severus, just… just let me talk to you… let me explain this... friends are stupid and reckless, specially Sirius, and I am beyond mad at him, but they’re not that horrible… specially Remus, he’s a good and nice guy and… and this a real serious problem he has to deal with since his childhood” Delilah said with pleading eyes, but totally honest.

“Let’s go to the Slytherin tower before someone finds us here” He told her as she followed him. Delilah was ashamed and felt terrible, but as she announced to her friends, she was going to fix the mess Sirius did, and she was going to do anything in order to do so.

When they made it to the tower and later to the balcony, as the cold air was stroking their faces due to the closer winter, Delilah started to explained everything to him, while surprisingly Snape was listening very careful. He didn’t interrupt her in any way, and he could see the importance of the friendship for her, as well as the honest care for her loved ones.

“Alright… I will keep the secret” Snape finally said, as Delilah let out a sight in relief. “Really!?” “Yes… but I want something in return” He added with a grimace.

“And that is…” She asked, a little bit scared. “Something that only you can give me” “You want a kiss?” “Wait, what!? What on earth are you talking about, Cavendish?” He answered, extremely blushed and offended.

“What? I mean… you’re too ambiguous and mysterious and… and… I’ve never seen you with a girl so… I thought you might want something like that” “Oh, stop your stupid thoughts, Delilah! That’s not what I want from you!” He said, a little bit annoyed. “Then what is it?”

“You’re the top student in Potion class… and you’re part of the Slug Club along with Lily… I want you to get me to the Slug Club and help me to study for the O.W.L.s” He finally said. “And… that’s it?” “And I want your friends to stop bullying me”

“Deal, count on that” She said, stretching her hand as he took it and shook hands to seal the deal. “We can study between classes and on weekends” “Yes, that sounds alright” “Alright then” She said and smile shyly.

“Now let’s get you to Madam Pomfrey” He said, looking at her arm. “I-It’s just a scratch, it’s ok” “I said let’s go” He added one more time and she agreed in silence.

It was weird for Delilah to see this nice side of somebody like Severus, but she came to understand he wasn’t that bad after all, just only a little bit misunderstood and judgemental.

Madam Pomfrey took care of her scratch quickly, as Delilah said she did it with a branch of a tree and Severus “confirmed” this; they later stayed outside talking a little bit more, ignoring they were being observed by somebody else.

“Thank you, Severus… I really trust you won’t say anything” “I always keep my word… thank you for… saving me back there” He said, showing a small smile that made the girl to smile too. “It’s ok… I couldn’t just not do it. Well then, I have to go back, but see you tomorrow in class. Have a good night!” Delilah said, giving him a kiss on the cheek and going away smiling.

Severus stayed there, heavily blushed and shocked, but not in a bad way, while Sirius left his secret place and went back to his friends, trying to conceal the confusing anger he felt at seeing such scene between Severus and Delilah.

Chapter 7: The Marauders

“Why does she have to spend so much time with that moron?” Sirius asked clearly irritated at seeing Delilah leaving a little earlier than them during lunch time. “It was part of the deal Sirius, Delilah did a good job there” Remus said this time.

“So now she has to be his girlfriend or something?” “Sirius… she’s not his girlfriend… she’s just helping him to study for the O.W.L.s” James added this time. “Then why don’t she help us? We need that help more than him”

“Sirius… why are you so upset about Delilah spending time with Snivellus?” Peter asked this time with a curious gaze. Sirius went silent and suddenly he started to blush. “Oh boooy… seriously?” Remus said, laughing a little.

“What?” “Sirius… you look like a tomato!” James said now, laughing a little bit harder. “I knew it! You like her! You like Delilah!” Peter said frantically. “SHHHHHH! LOWER YOUR VOICE DAMMIT” A very embarrassed Sirius said this time in a kind of whisper.

“I knew it too… you’re so transparent with these things!” Remus added. “Shut up!”

“Come on… all the girls die for you and you just have eyes for the girl you couldn’t get out of your head during the summer holidays… and it wasn’t because you felt bad about what you told her… it’s because you already had a crush on her OH GEEZ!” James added this time, with a lot of drama as the others were as surprised as him.

“Stop saying stupid things! I don’t have a crush on Delilah. She’s a good friend and that’s it. STOP THIS ALREADY!” He said and left his friends, clearly angry without even finishing his meal.

Sirius needed some time on his own to think about what had happened, but soon he forgot about the crazy idea of his friends, convincing himself he actually did care about Delilah, but only as friends, and he accepted he was a little bit jealous of Severus because now she didn’t do pranks with them.

Soon, it was already the weekend, and Delilah had an excellent plan for spending time with her pals after being a little bit absence from them.

“Wake up, beautiful creatures! Delilah said, irrupting in the boy’s dorm. “What are you doing here? It’s so early” James said, rubbing his eyes. “I have this marvellous invention you’re gonna love and… you’re gonna thank me for”

“You can stop the O.W.L.s?” “No, silly Peter… I have something better” “What is it then?” Sirius said this time, sitting on his bed and waiting for the girl. “I would like to present you this!” She said, showing what it looked like an antique folded piece of paper.

“Seriously Delilah? You woke us up just for seeing an old piece of paper?” James added this time. “This not an old piece of paper. This is The Marauder’s Map, a magical document that will let us know everybody’s location here in Hogwarts” She answered proudly. “You did what?” Sirius said, now excited.

“I know, I’m cool” “This is awesome, Delilah! Now we can go through the whole castle without a problem” Remus added. “But it’s not finish yet…” “What do you mean?”

“I need you to sign it” Delilah said. “You’re crazy, if the map goes to the wrong hands, they’ll know is us” “James… you’re not gonna sign with your name, do you really think I am that stupid? Come on… we’re gonna use nicknames”

“All right, sit in a circle” Delilah said, as they sat on the floor. Then, the friends performed another Homonculous charm, and after that, they thought carefully in another charm to insult Severus (because he was likely to get the map, as he was always after them).

“Alright, now get your wands ready” Delilah said, as the four boys along with her, placed their wands gently on the parchment.

“Messers Moony, Wormtail, Prongs, Padfoot and Raven, Purveyors of Aids to Magical Mischief-Makers are proud to present THE MARAUDER’S MAP” Delilah finished as the map started to show the name in red ink. Later they added the charm to insult Severus and that was it, the map was officially working.

“And how do you make it work?” Remus asked. “Oh, right… I forgot. You just have to say: I solemnly swear that I am up to no good” “It’s moving!” Peter said. The guys took a looked at the map and started to plan where they would go first.

“Oh, and in case we’re in trouble and we need to hide this you just say: Mischief managed and that’s it” Delilah said, as they looked how the map was going blank and looking like an old piece of parchment again.

The guys congratulated her friend for this new invention that would help them with a lot of things, but mostly pranks and mysterious of the school and so, they started a new way of adventures that same weekend.

Chapter 8: I'm Not In Love

“So… you’re gonna go to the party?” Delilah said, while slowly pouring another ingredient into the mix. “What party?” Severus answered while looking for a tiny glass tube.

“Well… the ball… which is not actually a ball but more like a party… you heard McGonagall” “Yeah… she said this would serve us as a rehearsal for next year” “So… you’re going?” Delilah asked one more time, still looking at the mixture.

“No” “What? Are you serious?” Delilah asked frantically, now looking at him with a worried expression. “Don’t look at me like that, I don’t like that kind of gatherings”

“But it’s a party! And it’s before we all go home for Christmas… Come on, it’s gonna be fun” “Don’t try to invite me, please” “Alright, I won’t… but let’s say Lily is going to attend the party too” Delilah said, attracting Severus’ attention.

“Well… in that case… I guess I can go with my other Slytherin partners” “Excellent!” Delilah answered, clearly excited.

After the application of the O.W.L.s and the good results of them, Delilah and her friends were relief of almost all their assignments and as a way to celebrate the Christmas season, Dumbledore decided to throw a small party for the students on the last day of school. While it wasn’t a formal ball, it was neither the usual Christmas banquet of every year.

Plus, he added that the event would help them to prepare themselves for the big ball of next year, which would be a proper Yule Ball to celebrate the visit of the last year students from the Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and the whole Hogwarts were more than excited.

“So… you know who you’re gonna attend the party with?” Marlene asked to Delilah, as the girls were getting ready to go and take a look to Gladrags Wizardwear and see if they could find something for the party. “Well… is not like formal thing so I’ll go with the guys. None of us has a date so it’s ok”

“I thought you were going to ask Sirius” Lily added this time, with a naughty smile that Marlene followed. “What? Why… Why both of you are giving me that look?” Delilah asked a little bit confused. “Delilah please…” Marlene said already laughing.

“Dei… I mean it’s so obvious that you and Sirius…” “What? What Lily? I really don’t understand” “Come on! You die for each other! The whole school knows it” Marlene said this time.

“Excuse me? How can that be? Sirius and I are only good friends and that’s it” “You should see yourself when he appears in front of you… You literally have the sun in your eyes and the same happens to him! He’s even more obvious than you!” Lily said this time.

Delilah froze at hearing what Lily said, because she had noticed some weird behaviour from Sirius to her since a long time ago and she even suspected about the possibility that she liked Sirius, though she scratched quickly the idea until Lily and Marlene mentioned it that morning.

The girl told her gals that it was impossible and that both of them were just two good friends; Marlene and Lily noticed that the conversation had made Delilah a little bit uncomfortable so they ended the chat about it and went to Hogsmeade.

«I’m not in love» by the band 10cc was flooding the boy’s dorm that morning, where a heat complain was taking over one of the guys.

“Why on earth did she have to ask him? I understood that we were all going like The Marauders and now this freak says he was invited by her?” An angry Sirius complained. “I think you’re overreacting. Delilah can invite whoever she wants… yes, it will be uncomfortable to see her with someone like Snivellus but… you might hear wrong” Remus said, calmly.

“He was bragging about how Delilah Cavendish told him to go to the party!” “Honestly, calm down Sirius… you’re making a scene over nothing” “Oh really? How would you react if you knew Lily is going to the party with Snivellus?” Sirius asked him.

“Well that’s different… I would get mad because I like Lily, but we’re talking about Delilah here and she’s our… friend? -Long pause- Wait…what?” James added, clearly surprised as the rest of the guys just stayed in silence. “I…” Sirius tried to say something but he couldn’t.

“I always knew!” Peter said frantically and waiting for the other two to start joking about it, but Sirius looked miserable and ashamed. “Hey… it’s ok. We will keep your secret... we actually knew about this since a long time ago” Remus said.

Sirius threw himself to the floor, while the lines: “I’m not in love, so don’t forget it… It’s just a silly phase I’m going through...” hit him harshly; that was a song that Delilah liked a lot and by then, everything reminded her.

“I don’t know how this happened…” Sirius said, clearly preoccupied. “This kind of things don’t have a method or a rule… they just happened and that’s it” James added this time. “Well I think you should tell her” Peter said.

“Of course no! That would be suicidal” Sirius answered, getting up from the floor and sitting on his bed. “It wouldn’t be if she feels the same way about you… and I’m sure she does, she’s just only too proud and scared to ruin your friendship to confess her feelings for you”

“I don’t think she and me are in the same page” Sirius added, now looking gloomy. “Sirius… if you could only see the way she looks at you…” Remus answered. “Then…?”

“I’ve seen her too, Sirius. And I have the feeling the whole school knows about this by now. You’re the only two that keep in denial” James said. “Well… that…makes a difference but… I can’t confess yet. At least not until I’m sure she shares the same feelings as me” Sirius said and the others just agreed with him.

Meanwhile, at the The Three Broomsticks...

“Alright… I have to tell you a little secret because I can’t keep it to myself anymore” A more relaxed and happier Delilah, who have had eight butterbeers by then, said to her friends. “Yes?” A worried Lily asked. Delilah turned around a couple of times to be sure there was nobody that could hear her.

“Alright then… here I go: I have a crush on Sirius Black since third-year” She finally said, and her friends smile a little. “Geez! Took you two years to finally accept it! Cheers for that!” Marlene said this time, raising her jar. “What?”

“Delilah… remember that time on third-year that we went to the Quidditch match and Sirius and your friends were just one row below us? We noticed how you blushed every time he cheered and you looked at him” Lily said. “B-but… well, that doesn’t matter anymore” She answered, going a little bit sad.

“Why? What happened?” Marlene asked. “He’s my friend, and I’m one of her best pals… there’s no way we can’t be something else” Delilah said a little bit disappointed.

“Well, you’ll never know if you never ask him” “Lily… I don’t want to ruin our friendship and plus, there’s a lot of girls that die for him, he might like someone else… I’m just another one of the bunch”

“I think he likes you back. We will think of something to find out without noticing. Meanwhile, I want you to cheer up for tomorrow’s party… there’s gonna be cute older students to dance with” Marlene said and cheered her friend up.

Chapter 9: You Got Me Losing All My Cool

“See you at the entrance of the Great Hall… I’m off because I need to get ready” Delilah said to her friends, trying to have barely eye contact with Sirius. “Alright, see you in a few hours” Remus answered and she went to her dorm.

Two hours later in the girl’s dorm “We look like goddesses!” Marlene said happily at seeing her and her two friends in front of a mirror. For the occasion, Marlene chose a golden strapless and sparkly dress, while Lily opted for a baby blue embroidered dress...

...and Delilah went for a long chiffon red dress and a discreet red feathered hairpiece (let's pretend it's red) that contrasted with her deep black hair that she decided to wore it down, showing her loose waves.

“Yeah, we look very pretty” Lily answered smiling, but Delilah was very serious. “Dei… What is it?” Marlene asked. “Nothing… is just, well, I’m a little bit nervous. This is the first time I let myself seen in a dress... like this one” Delilah said, seeing at her reflection.

“Well, that was the dress code for the party” “Yes but-“

“Look, the three of us look beautiful, this is about us, don’t think about the people’s reaction, don’t even think about Sirius… we’re going to the party because we want to have a good time before going home for the holidays and so we will...

...So just go with the flow and let’s go because it’s getting late” Marlene said to the girls, and her empowerment speech help them to leave the Gryffindor tower with an ultimate security that shocked everyone they passed by.

Then, before leaving the stairs the two friends walked ahead Delilah, since the last one was going to enter with her pals.

“Delilah… wow” Remus said smiling, being the first one to notice her, since James, Peter and Sirius were chatting with moony, giving her their back. “Nice outfit, red really suits you” James said this time, as Delilah was trying her best not to blush.

“Thanks… you all look very good too” She said, landing her eyes finally on Sirius, who was already blushed.

“You… You look so pretty. Like a phoenix with the colour and the feathers… before the ashes, of course” He said clumsily as his friends had to witness that painfully speech. “Thanks, Sirius” She answered shyly.

“Well let’s go then!” Peter added this time, walking ahead with James and Remus, leaving Sirius and Delilah behind. “The decoration is amazing” Sirius said nonchalantly just to start a conversation. “Yes, it’s really great” Delilah added and they went to their table.

Professor Dumbledore gave a speech in which he congratulated the students and announced the banquet was going to be served and then the dance floor would be open so they could enjoy it.

The students were having a great time, as the banquet was such a delicious treat like every year; after dinner, naturally, the music started to play and it wasn’t too long before the dance floor crowded with the students.

“Come on moony” Delilah said, leaving his seat and giving her hand to Remus. “Delilah, you know I don’t dance” He answered, while rolling his eyes. “You’re gonna deny this lady a dance?” Delilah said, pretending to be hurt.

“Alright, alright” Remus said, taking her hand with a grimace and accepting his defeat. The friends started to dance like everybody else, the music was loud and fast, but very nice.

Moments later, a surprisingly shy Marlene appeared in front of them, to asked Remus a dance, which surprised him too and Delilah let them alone as she went back again to the table.

Her plan was to invite Sirius this time, but he was already dancing with other girl, a fact that made Delilah to feel uncomfortable and angry; James was dancing with a Hufflepuff girl and Pete was nowhere to be seen.

She rested a little and took a seat, and when Sirius saw her, the song ended and he went straight to her, but before he could reach the table, Michael Gerrard, one of the most popular and handsome students of last year invited her to dance, and she happily accepted.

After a few songs Michael and Delilah danced, the girl went onto dancing with her other friend, James, who was having a good time jumping and dancing at the rhythm of punk; Delilah also danced with Lily and Marlene, but later, she made a movement and Lily later was dancing with James.

On the Slytherin table, a bunch of students were only talking about the “morons who were dancing” and a gloomy and jealous Severus was one of those judges, who never saw coming what it was going to happen to him.

The vision in red stood in front of him, and he suddenly went quiet. “So…?” Delilah said to him. “So what?” He answered. “Well come on!” She said this time, unfolding her hand.

The rest of the Slytherins froze at seeing that the biggest loser of their house was being invited to dance by one of the most popular girls in the school.

Severus took her hand and she dragged him to the dancefloor, where they danced a little and later, James let him danced with Lily (even when he didn’t really want to do it). Delilah later left the Great Hall, as she informed her friends she needed to go to the toilet.

The night was amazing and everybody’s mood was so great that she even forgot about Sirius, until she saw him at the entrance of the Hall when she got back.

“So… are you finally dance with me or you still gonna dance with Snivellus?” He said, sounding irritated. “I don’t know, you tell me. You seemed very entertained with Michelle Starkey” She answered him in the same mood, and started to make her way inside.

“Hey… I’m… I’m sorry… come on, let’s dance a little, there’s a song I really want to dance with you” He said, smiling and taking her hand to go to the dancefloor.

Fortunately for her, he didn’t notice that the shade on her face was the same as in her dress, and once they were with the rest of the gang, Sirius mumbled a spell and “Golden Years” by David Bowie started to sound, as the surprised and pleased face of Delilah was everything.

From that song on, they danced together until almost midnight, when Peter sprained his ankle and they took it to the Hospital wing, at seeing Remus dancing slowly with a Ravenclaw girl and James doing the same with an awkward Lily.

Madam Pomfrey told them he was going to be ok, but that they needed to wait a little outside while she would fix his ankle, and so they did.

“I never thought this night would turn out too funny” Sirius added. “I know, right? But it’s been a good party, it would be nice if we had these kinds of events every year” “Well, you better get ready for the most formal ball next Christmas”

“That’s the problem, it will be a very formal thing… hope is not boring” They were interrupted by Madam Pomfrey that announced them they could come in to see Peter.

“Oh… and one more thing… you’re under a mistletoe so you better hurry up and kiss, I don’t want bad luck around my workplace” Madam Pomfrey said, shocking the two teenagers.

Sirius and Delilah looked above them only to confirm there was a mistletoe there; they later lowered their gazes slowly until they stared at each other, always in silence.

“Well… we don’t have to do it if you don’t want to… I mean, it’s a stupid tradition” Sirius said, extremely blushed. “Yeah, I mean… I don’t think something bad happens here if we don’t do it but…” “What if actually something bad happens to Madam Pumfrey? She’s the best here” Sirius added.

“Exactly, and she always help us when we are sick” Delilah answered, going closer. “So… we might just do it to protect her workplace” Sirius answered, going closer. “Because… What we will do without Madam Pumfrey?” She said, feeling his breath on her nose.

“That’s right… this is only for helping her” Sirius added, moving his gaze from her eyes to her mouth. “Yeah… and that’s the only reason” Delilah whispered as she led her head gently to the right and Sirus was doing the same but to the opposite direction.

The gap was closed as they finally kissed; they felt like a million watts of electricity was filling their bodies and though deep inside none of them wanted the moment to end, they separated slowly from each other, still madly blush and without having eye contact. This was the first kiss for both of them, and it was a shy but sweet kiss that they would never forget.

“So… Madam Pumfrey is safe now” Delilah said, acting like if nothing had happened. “Yeah, we did a good action today. Uhmm…S-shall we go inside and check how Peter is?”

“That’s why we’re here… let’s go then” Delilah added, walking ahead of him and trying to control herself from trembling, oblivious that Sirius was fighting with himself due to the same feeling.

Chapter 10: Heroes

After the events at the Christmas party neither Sirius nor Delilah talked about it, but they still continue to be friends as if nothing had happened...

...of course Sirius told the rest of the gang about the kiss, and they encouraged him to confess his feelings, but Sirius opted by not doing it so claiming that it was “only a mandatory kiss”. Naturally, the guys didn’t buy that cheap excuse, but something similar happened to Delilah with her gals.

When the summer break arrived, Delilah and Remus set a date to stayed at James’s house sometime during summer, while Peter excused himself as he was going to travel with his parents and Sirius stated that he was going to make a real effort to leave his house and find them at James’s.

To earn some money, Delilah started a summer muggle job at an ice cream shop, and the last day on that job, Remus picked her up. The owner of the place, which was an nice old woman, gave her the pay and made an innocent joke about she and Remus being a couple.

Later, the guys went straight to Delilah’s house, where she asked Remus to wait for her a little, as she was going to get a quick shower. Meanwhile, Mr. and Mrs. Cavendish had an energetic and polite chat with the boy, whose father had been friends with Delilah’s mom back in their school days.

“Ok, ready” Delilah said as she appeared again on the living room. “You got everything?” Remus asked her. “Yes. See you, I’ll send you an owl if anything happens” Delilah said to her parents. “Please give our greetings to the Potters” Cornelia said.

“Take care, guys” Ulysses added after Delilah said goodbye with a hug. “Alright moony, hold my arm” “I thought we were going to travel by floo powder” Remus said, clearly worried. “That’s too messy and I want to get there faster… come on”

“Oh lord…” Remus answered, and took her arm, disappearing and appearing outside The Potter’s family; he started to cough as he was feeling nauseous. “You’re finally here!” James shouted as he went closer to hug them. “We missed you too, little Prongs” Remus added.

“Come on, let’s go… my parents are already waiting for you”

Fleamont and Euphemia Potter greeted the guys happily, as they were already familiar with them and were very fond of their son’s friends; Delilah and Remus always felt like home every time they visited The Potters, and the rest of the day the gang hung out on different places until they returned home by dinner time.

Remus and Delilah were given different rooms but near James’; of course, they had a kind of sleepover that ended up by midnight and each of them went to their respective bedrooms. Once Delilah put on her pyjamas and brushed her teeth, she went straight to the comfy bed, from where she could admire the vintage style of the room that also had a beautiful fireplace.

She started to fall asleep, when suddenly, a loud noise irrupted in the room, as a green light illuminated everything and she jumped out of bed. “What the… Sirius?” She asked, clearly confused. “Delilah… H-hi” He answered, a little bit ashamed.

“What… What are you…? Are you alright?” She said, going towards him, as he tried to hide his face from her. “Yeah, it’s nothing… that’s why I don’t like travelling by floo powder” He said, trying to deliver a chuckle, but Delilah knew this wasn’t the case. “Hey what was that?” James and Remus said, appearing on Delilah’s bedroom.

“Sirius… What?” Remus said and he just looked at them with a lot of embarrassment. “It was nothing…” “Nothing? Sirius you have blood stains in your shirt… and your cheek…” James barely could say, since it was painful to see his friend like that.

“I ran away from home… I just… I can’t continue living with somebody like my mother” He finally said. “Then you’re welcome to live with me permanently. Don’t worry about it, I’ll talk to my parents” James said, leaving the room. “Let me check your wounds, Sirius”

“It’s alright Delilah, really, it's nothing” “Sirius… just, please let Delilah do it, she’s very good at it” Remus suggested as Sirius just nodded.

Remus left the bedroom so his friend could have his own privacy, since he was already ashamed for all that; Sirius took off his shirt, something that made Delilah to feel a little bit nervous, but she controlled herself since she knew it wasn’t the right time to pay attention to that.

The girl discovered a small cut under Sirius’ right rib, also some bruises on his chest and another bruise on his left cheek. She took a deep breath and started to take care of his wounds, as she didn’t dare to have eye contact with him, since she considered that would be distracting; however, Sirius never took his eyes off of the girl and watched carefully every movement she did.

The Potters offered Sirius a permanent home, adopting him as a son and giving him a new opportunity in life, and when the summer break ended, the guys returned to Hogwarts for their sixth year.

“Well look at you… so handsome with your prefect badge” Delilah said, joking. “Stop it already” “Awww come on Moony, you know I’m joking. We’re very proud of you” Delilah said this time, hugging him.

“Thanks…” He answered shyly. “And you really looked handsome… you’re gonna be the next heartbreaker” She joked again. “Shut up!” He said, already laughing.

On Delilah’s birthday, Sirius made his friends to drink some potions so they could actually play instruments for a performance he wanted to do in her party. “So… now we’re here… just… Delilah, this is for you” A nervous Sirius said, as a counting started and then the music began.

During the gathering at the Gryffindor tower, Sirius sang “Heroes” by David Bowie like an open love letter to Delilah, who was extremely embarrassed as the rest of the students were almost melting by that cheesy love scene.

Once the performance was over everybody cheered and congratulated the guys, specially Sirius; Delilah was still flabbergasted, but at seeing all the people who was waiting for a reaction from her, she took Sirius away from all the people to have a small talk to him.

Sirius thought he might ruin Delilah’s birthday, but his answered appeared in a form of a strong kiss from the girl, making official the same feeling and a new relationship. The whole Hogwarts was exciting about the news, since she was one of the most talented and popular students of the school and he was a talented student and also the heartbreaker of Hogwarts.

But Delilah decided to keep their relationship as private and discreet as possible, as she didn’t enjoy PDA (Public Display of Affection) in the school, though this was kind of difficult for Sirius, who always wanted to be cheesy around her.

Before the winter break, a new prank on Severus was displayed by James and Sirius (while Remus and Delilah were doing other things and weren't there) and everything went like the old days.

“Put him down!” Lily demanded. “If you come with me to the Yule ball” James said this time. “What?” Lily asked, confused. “So…?”

“Alright alright, I’ll go with you to the Yule ball” Lily answered irritated, as James placed gently Severus again on the floor. “Severus…” Lily said, going near him.

“I thought I told you I didn’t need help from a filthy mudblood” Severus said, but unlike the first time he told her that, Lily didn’t sheer a single tear and just only dedicated him a pity gaze and walked away. Severus soon realised his mistake, and went after Lily to ask her to forgive him.

“Hey… I-I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to call you like that” “Oh really? I thought it was a mistake the first time you did it a couple of years ago… but now I see it was never like that” “Lily…”

“It’s too late now Severus. All these years I’ve tried to justify your behaviour and my friends can’t understand why I even keep talking to you. You’ve chosen your way and I’ve chosen mine… Goodbye Severus” Lily said, walking away.

After that rupture, Severus never spoke to her again, and neither to Delilah, who later found out what had happened and tried to talk to him but wasn’t successful.

When the Yule Ball arrived in December along with the participation of last year students of the Ilvermony School of Witchcraft and Wizardy, they also brought a tradition for that year, announcing that they would choose a queen and king for the ball.

Hogwarts' students were prompt to nominate their favourite couples, that were Delilah and Sirius, James and Lily, Marlene and Hugh, Remus and Amelia, among others; the students and the staff were excited about this new activity and the voting began at the end of November.

For the big night, Marlene chose a bright pink gown, while Lily chose a beautiful green dress with flowers applications and Delilah opted for a lilac gown with some feathers. The winner couple of that night were Delilah and Sirius, who were congratulated and cheered by the whole school, even the professors.

The dancefloor was opened with the first dance of the winner couple, and later it was crowded with the rest of the students...

...the photographs of the beautiful event as well as the photographs of Sirius and Delilah as the crown Dancing Queen and King, made the names Cavendish and Black popular again among older (and younger) readers of newspapers like the Daily Prophet with cheesy stories written by Rita Skeeter or articles published on The Quibbler.

Suddenly, Sirius and Delilah were seeing by pure-blood families like the next ideal relationship that should end in a perfect union; though the teenagers weren’t aware of all this rubbish that older fanatics wanted for them, and surely, they were far of thinking about something like marriage.

Walburga Black tried to reach his son again, because she was very pleased with the news of his son’s relationship, as she considered Delilah Cavendish a well prospect that could save the heir of the House of Black.

Unfortunately for Walburga this wasn’t possible, as Sirius found out the real reason behind her sudden behaviour change towards him. Delilah and him became aware of all the popularity among the older pure-blood fanatics and family for the wrong reasons, and Delilah had a talk with his parents who weren’t very happy about her relationship due to the knowledge they had over the Black family.

Part 3: Exist For Love I made you a promise I could not deliver, but I'm counting the days on my fingers...

Chapter 1: Close To You

By their seventh year (1977), Lily and James became Head Girl and Head Boy of Gryffindor, while Remus continued to be the prefect. Delilah and Sirius continued with their relationship that every time was lesser discreet, yet still private.

Two days after their Hogwarts graduation in 1978, Delilah was awarded by the Order of Merlin First Class, due to her contributions to the scientific magical world by creating the Wolfsbane Potion; she dedicated the award to her parents, friends and of course, Sirius.

Thanks to a large amount of gold that Alphard Black gave to his nephew, Sirius was capable to become independent and had a place of his own without worrying about the money; he also bought a motorcycle that he adapted to fly, and that he used to travel with Delilah.

And before the summer ended, Lily and James got married, having a quiet and simple ceremony in which Sirius and Delilah served as best man and bridesmaid respectively. Then, the Potters moved to Godric’s Hollow.

While Delilah was working in the Museum of History of Magic along with Sirius, he asked to move in together, something that the girl accepted immediately.

But Sirius wanted to “make things the right way” and he insisted in having a reunion with Delilah’s parents to ask for permission; Delilah wasn’t really sure about his idea, since it was obvious her parents dislike him, but ultimately thanked the gesture and they set a date for the visit.

“Then, what is it? I don’t think you came all the way here to chat about the weather and drink tea” “Ulysses… please” Cornelia whispered to her husband. “No… I know there’s something here and I better know it now” Ulysses added.

“Well… you’re right Mr. Cavendish. I’m here because I want to ask for both of your permission so you can let Delilah come live with me” He finally said, smiling. “What on earth?” Ulysses said. “Oh, Merlin help us all” Cornelia added this time.

“This is unacceptable” Ulysses answered as Delilah and Sirius got up. “Look, I know you have your ideas about my family, but I’m not like them. I love your daughter and I want to live with her forever” Sirius added. “So, you’re gonna marry?” Ulysses asked, kind of shocked.

“We don’t want that” Delilah was prompt to say. “…Yet” Sirius added looking at her with a wink that made her blush.

“Mom, dad… I love you and I’ll always be grateful for the education, the love and the things you gave me, but I love Sirius -she said looking at him and taking his hand- I want to be with him and I’ll be with him! So, I’m moving with him whether you like it or not… but it would be too sad if you don’t accept it” Delilah said, smiling warmly.

“Well there’s the door then… you both better go now” Delilah’s smile vanished and now her eyes looked sad. “Ulysses!” Cornelia said, frantically. “Fine then. Come on Sirius, let’s go” Delilah said, still holding him by the hand and walking out of the door.

Delilah started to walk faster, as some tears were threatening to fall, until Sirius stopped her near a park.

“Hey… my love… look at me, please” He said, taking Delilah’s face gently with his hands. “It’s not fair! I’ve always been a good daughter and… they can’t even…” She said, already crying. “Shhh… don’t worry. We’ll think of something, but I promise you I’ll fix this” He said, hugging her.

“Well that’s the problem! There’s nothing to fix! You’re not the one to blame! NO ONE IS!” “I know… but they’re your parents and… that’s how parents are sometimes” “Let’s get out of here… I wanna go home” She answered, still hugging him.

Sirius and Delilah then got into the motorcycle and flew through London until they reach the nice apartment that they’ll share; now both of them had cut all relationship with their families and Delilah had to learn to live with it.

A few months later, Sirius came up with a brilliant idea after listening to Delilah on the piano and sometimes on the guitar, and he proposed her to create a rock band where he would be the singer and she the guitarist. It was thought as a silly idea, but they agreed that they needed some kind of distraction after all the events that were happening with the First Wizarding World.

That’s how The Hobgoblins was born, and they hired other two musicians, while they’d use pseudonyms; Sirius was known as Stubby Boardman and couldn’t being recognized as the Black family member since he used transfiguration to look slightly different onstage, just like Delilah, whose fake name was Doris Purkiss and had an appearance that reminded of Siouxsie Sioux mixed with David Bowie and Alice Cooper.

Along with the successful band gigs, they continued working at the museum, but sometime later Sirius quit, as he didn’t really need the money, and told Delilah she didn’t need to work either as he could support both of them, but she continued working since she wanted to have her own income.

Sirius would cook, clean and buy the groceries while Delilah was at work; he also would pick her up when her day at work would end. The rebel wizard was now a responsible man, who support his lover as much as he could, but they still had fun together.

By 1979 the reign of The Dark Lord was being worst each time, and The Potters along with Remus Lupin, Marlene McKinnon, Delilah and Sirius, were invited to be part of the Order of the Phoenix by Albus Dumbledore, its creator.

Soon after the integration of the friends in the Order, Sirius’ father, Orion and younger brother, Regulus, died. The first one by natural causes but the second one apparently by some Death Eater (as it was informed to Sirius); though he didn’t have a good relationship with them, he was sad by the death of his younger brother, who would have had a brilliant future.

The Order of the Phoenix was working really hard researching and planning, and by fall of 1979 it was known that Lily was pregnant with her first child; the news caused a lot of joys between their family and friends, but also a new danger that no one saw coming until it was very late.

Chapter 2: Spring Waltz

February 1980, Potter’s cottage “So, how's the tour?” Lily asked, while giving a sip to her tea. “The band is over” Delilah answered with a chuckle. “What? How?”

“Well, we had a performance at Little Norton Church Hall the previous month and the people seemed very excited, until they heard the drummer had injured his hand just before going on stage and they didn’t like the new emergency drummer… so they started to throw things at us, which I luckily dodge, but Sirius was hit on the ear by a turnip and that was it… he said we were better off with all that drama”

“Awww… but… are you ok?” “Yeah, we’re fine. I mean, we liked it but it was just a hobby” Delilah answered. “Well, in that case… How are you in terms of… relationship? Are you gonna tied the knot anytime soon?” Lily asked curious.

“No!” She laughed and Lily laughed too. “Why not? I mean… come on is just a matter of time” “Marriage isn’t for Sirius… he’s too busy being a big rebel to get married” Delilah said, nonchalantly.

“Well, you’re right on that one… boys will be boys” Lily added. “And what about you? Have you thought on a baby’s name already?” “We thought Harry if it’s a boy and Lily if it’s a girl”

“That’s a good selection of names” “Which led me to the next thing…” Lily said, going tense. “What is it? Are you alright?” Delilah asked, a little bit worried.

“Yeah, I’m ok… is just… I want to ask you something. Actually, both, James and me want to ask you something…” “Yes…?” “Would you and Sirius be the godparents of our child?” Lily asked shyly.

The wide smile and bright gaze of Delilah was everything Lily needed to know and she accepted happily such great honour; the girls shared a warm hug and later they were joined by James and Sirius, who already knew about the request and had accepted too.

By the summer of 1980 the tensions caused by the Wizarding War were raising, as there were more attacks each time, and because of this, Delilah’s parents reconnected with her only daughter, thanks to Sirius and finally accepting him.

On July 31st, Lily and James only child was born; they called him Harry Potter and Sirius and Delilah attended the small ceremony in which they accepted being their godparents. The problem was, that shortly after the birth of Harry, Lord Voldemort started to believe a prophecy and targeted this new born as the child of it, but fortunately, the young couple found protection for them and their child.

By late 1980 Delilah received one of the most shocking news she would ever had: her parents were murdered by a Death Eaters attack on muggles in the Portobello Market, west London, while they were doing the groceries; this marked the whole involving energy of Delilah in the Order of the Phoenix, as she swore to avenge her parent’s death.

By summer 1981, the tensions in the order were growing quickly, as there were rumours of treacherous people among them; Sirius thought that it was Remus, but Delilah always told him that wouldn’t been possible, and it was more obvious that Peter would be the disloyal one.

However, a photograph of the complete Order was taken sometime in July and two weeks after that, Marlene McKinnon and her family were cruelty murdered. Another blow Delilah couldn’t take.

The peak of this problem happened on October 1981, when Sirius was confided as the secret-keeper of the Potter’s location, but he decided to tell Peter because it was more dangerous if he was caught.

A week later Peter was the new Secret-keeper, and when everything seemed to be safe (at least for the Potter family) on October 31st, Sirius decided to make a romantic candlelit dinner (cooked by him) for Delilah, who was a little bit surprised by it.

“So… I know we’re living hard times Delilah, and I know it’s been really painful all the loss we’ve had in this last year. But I also know that all that we have is love, love to make it through these war times… and I know we have that”

“Of course we do and you know we have each other” Delilah said, taking his hand. Sirius looked at her and took his hand off of hers, to then leaving his place and going to hers; he stood up there and looked for something in his pocket, while going in one knee.

Delilah’s eyes were full of surprise, as Sirius was beyond thrilled to tell her love what he wanted.

“You’re the love of my life Delilah, and all I need is you… I want to be by your side forever. So… will you make me the happiest man on earth by accepting being my wife?” He said smiling and opening a velvet little box that contained an emerald ring surrounded by diamonds.

“Of course I WANT!” She said happily and almost shouting, throwing herself to the arms of his lover, who hugged her back.

Sirius placed the ring on her finger and was so happy that he was going to let his friends know the news once and for all. The first place was visiting Peter and then the Potters, and though Delilah suggested going with him, he opted for going by his own and then bring them to their place to celebrate.

A happy Sirius went off to Peter’s place, but the returning was going to be a hell.

Chapter 3: Never Let Me Go

Sirius took his motorcycle and went to Peter’s place but didn’t find him and that made him feel uneasy. Then, he went to the Potters where he discovered the tragedy and felt the rage and sadness take over him, as he knew Peter was behind all that. Hagrid arrived soon after him and had a word with him, explaining everything and lending him his bike.

When Sirius finally found and faced Peter on a busy street full of muggles, the last one caused an explosion, who killed 12 muggles and which was wrongly attributed to Sirius.

By then, Delilah was arrested by the Department of Magical Law Enforcement at her own place and take her to the Ministry of Magic, where she was put on a cell and was explained the charges she was accused of.

Delilah was destroyed by the Potter’s murder, as they were two of their best friends of all time, but she couldn’t even believe that they were accusing Sirius of doing that, something that made her feel like dying too.

Before Sirius was arrested, Delilah’s sentence wasn’t imprisonment in Azkaban as she thought, but her punishment was to be obliviated without a trial. This devastated her even more, and almost dying on her cell, she tried to calm herself by thinking about something to let Sirius know what would happen.

“I didn’t remember you so weak” A well-known voice was heard by Delilah. “Severus…” Delilah said as she raised her gazed. “Come on, we don’t have much time” Severus said, taking her roughly by her arm.

“What…?” “Drink this quickly” Severus added, giving her a small glass tube with a blue liquid. “What is it?”

“You thought that I’ve never knew you created an anti-obliviate potion, right? Remember those school years where we would hang out? I knew sometimes you weren’t working on that wolfsbane potion but something else… I made my research and though is not completed… it works…”

“Why…?” “I know you’re gonna get the obliviate as a punishment for being the accomplice of Sirius… and I don’t know what he did, but I know you didn’t do anything, so you don’t deserve this” He said, looking at her.

“Thanks…” She added, already crying. “This is how it'll work: You’re gonna be obliviated and they’re going to cast the false memory charm on you, but your memories won’t be full erased. With this potion your memories will live in the back of your head, in the shadows… and when the right time comes, you’ll remember everything again”

“How long?” “Twelve years” “But… that’s…” Delilah said, crying heavily as he realized it was a long time. “Delilah… it’s better to wait 12 years than forever”

“Alright…you’re right” Delilah said, taking the glass and drinking the blue potion, that had a very sweet flavour. “Now, I’m gonna treat you really bad in front of the rest and don’t question me where are we going… just follow me” Severus whispered and she nodded.

“Alright you filthy treacherous, come on!” He shouted, taking violently by her arm and taking her out her cell.

As he announced, while they were walking, he was telling her horrible things in front of the people, until they went down a dungeon where they were alone, and he led her to a passage that discovered Sirius' cell.

“Sirius!” Delilah shouted. “Delilah!” He added, with tears already falling on his cheeks. “You only have 5 minutes, make it quickly” Severus said, opening the cell, as the girl entered.

The couple hugged tight and cried a little together.

“I didn’t do it Delilah, please don’t believe them” Sirius said, crying. “I know dear, I know you didn’t. I believe you and I’ll do till I die” She answered also crying and taking his face with her hands. “I’m gonna be send to Azkaban”

“I know… and I want you to listen to me very carefully alright? Look, I can’t tell you what will happen to me but you’re gonna fin out soon. The only thing I ask from you is that whatever you hear or happens, wait for me… you’re gonna have to wait 12 years or so…

...but please, please wait for me. I’ll take you out of prison and I’ll be waiting for you… just hold on and believe me. Never stop believe that will be reunite one day”

“What?” “Just promise me you will, please” “Alright, yes, I promise” He answered, crying again.

“And remember this every day: I love you Sirius, and no matter what, I’ll always love you” “I love you too Delilah, you made my life happy and worthy” “Time to go” Severus added, going into the cell.

The lovers said goodbye with a kiss and Severus took her to another place where the procedure was going to be perform.

The official punishment on Delilah’s file was cited as “Obliviate charm with false memory charm” which made her have a new muggle life without a chance to remember anything about her past, and also, making her a little younger to suit her new lifestyle.

Delilah was 21 when she was arrested, and in her new muggle life she started as a 17-year-old student about to go to college. This sentence wasn’t going to erased her powers, as that was impossible, but she would’ve lived like a normal muggle person.

At the moment the mugshot of Sirius was taken at Azkaban, one of the guards that was teasing him since he arrived, informed him about the punishment of her fiancée, a fact that made him go mad and being captured at the right moment by the lens.

That night was to celebrate the defeat of the Dark Lord by a baby boy, but also to cry for the loss of very dear people, who weren’t going to return never again… at least not in a lot of time.

Chapter 4: Invisible String WARNING: A little bit of explicit content towards the end of the chapter (though is not actually explicit, but, you get the idea).

Naturally, Remus didn’t tell the whole story to the trio, as he considered the truth would be out soon… but what he did, was to tell them key parts of the story so they could somehow work it out.

Harry, Hermione and Ron didn’t have to wait too long for that to come, as a month later Sirius Black entered Hogwarts and put on display Peter Pettigrew along with Remus, so his godson would know the true story.

Unfortunately, Peter ran away in his animagus form once again, but at least Sirius was pleased his godson now knew everything. “I’m sorry I misunderstood everything” A shy Harry said, while walking away from the others with Sirius.

“It’s ok now… I… I’m happy that at least you know the truth” Sirius said and Harry smiled. “And… I want to know if… you would like to... I mean... I'll understand, of course, if you want to stay with your aunt and your uncle... but, well, think about it. Once my name's cleared... if you wanted a- a different home. then Delilah and I..." He said, a little bit embarrassed.

“What - live with you two? Leave the Dursleys?” Harry answered with a wide smile. “I mean, yes! Of course, I would like to!” “Very well then… You’re gonna like her” Sirius added, smiling. “I already do… she’s really nice” Harry said, smiling.

“What? How you…?” “She owns one of the most famous patisseries in the country and she has a shop in Surrey-“ “She does?” An excited Sirius asked with a crystallised gaze and a smile.

“Yes! And her desserts are the best! Anyways… since I remember she has been the only nice adult to me, I never knew why though...

...Every Friday after school, she would invite me whatever dessert I wanted with a cup of warm tea in her shop… always free. And we would chat a little; I always thought she was amazing and very comforting” Harry said, as Sirius listened very carefully and already crying of happiness and nostalgia.

“I wish I would be there too” “But now you can” Harry said in a cheerful way. “Well, it’s kind of complicated but, I know she’s waiting for me” “And you’ll see her… just trust me” Harry added.

After Sirius was locked up in the Professor Flitwick's office in the West Tower, he was sentenced with a Dementor’s kiss, which was one of the most horrible ways of dying. However, after Dumbledore suggested certain actions to Hermione and Harry, they would successfully free Sirius again, and they gave him Buckbeak so he could escape.

Sirius thanked his godson and his young friend, to then fly away without a problem until he arrived at 12 Grimmauld Place.

The loud noise on the hard glass window of the kitchen woke up Delilah, as she turned to the right and saw it was three in the morning; she stand up from the couch where she was sleeping and left the parlor quietly and carefully. She walked barefoot to avoid any noise and entered the kitchen, where she turned on the lights and saw a big Hippogriff outside and making the noise with his wings.

Delilah opened the kitchen door that lead to a small backyard where the feathered friend was; she walked slowly towards him, as he answered by going a little bit closer. Then, Delilah made such a fancy curtsy that the beast seemed too pleased, as he went closer and placed his beak on Delilah’s hand.

“How you got here, uh?” She said, caressing his beak and feathered head. “His name is Buckbeak and he brought me” Sirius answered, finally going out from the shadows.

Delilah froze and suddenly a frown appeared in her forehead as she was trying to contain the tears, obviously failing.

“Are you really... finally here?” She asked, trying to keep it cool. “Yes, my love… I’m finally here and I won’t go anywhere” He answered, already crying. “And I won’t let nothing to take you away from me…” Delilah said, as she finally got closer and they shared a strong embrace.

“I- I don’t want you to see me like this. I look hideous… and you… you’re so beautiful as always” Sirius said, very ashamed. “I don’t give a damn how you look Sirius, I only care you’re here with me” She answered, hugging him once again.

“I bet you and Buckbeak are hungry… Come on” Delilah said, holding his hand and going inside with him, as she also announced Buckbeak to wait for her as she was going to prepare something to eat.

Sirius took a good a look at his former "home", the place of his family and he was making through some memories that hit him suddenly. Delilah took him to one of the bedrooms so he could choose the clothes he wanted while she was preparing a special bath just for him. Then, Sirius went to the bathroom and Delilah informed him to take his time as she was going to the kitchen.

Delilah noticed that his life in prison was hard, and that was one of the reasons he looked much older than he actually was, so the bath she prepared would help his cells to regenerate a little, giving him a kind of younger appearance.

Back in the kitchen, she cooked Sirius his favourite meal, along with some desserts; she also fed Buckbeak, who showed his gratitude one more time, as she placed the mythical bird inside the house, specifically in Walburga's bedroom, and later she returned inside as she would wait for him.

When Sirius appeared in the kitchen, he definitely looked like a new person and thanked her for the magical bath. After dinner, they continued with the dessert and a cup of tea, as they would talk about things that had happened in their lives all those years away.

“You’re still wearing it” Sirius said, taking Delilah’s hand and looking at the emerald ring. “I never took it off” She answered, looking at him and caressing his cheek with her hand.

“You were one of the reasons that kept me sane and alive in Azkaban” He said this time. “I told you I was going to return for you” Delilah said and he smiled.

They started to going closer, with a nostalgic gaze that hided the lost and most precious years. Soon after, they shared their first kiss in twelve years; a kiss that started as sweet as their love and then arise to a higher level and intensity.

Quickly, Sirius hands found its way to Delilah’s waist, while she would hold him tight, to then, ran her fingers through his medium long hair; in a fast movement and without breaking contact, Sirius managed to sit her on his lap, as they continued with the heat making out session.

When Delilah felt the warm touch of Sirius’ hands on her breast, she let out a gasp followed by a moan that Sirius seemed to enjoyed a lot.

“We should continue this upstairs” A very blushed Delilah said, breaking the moment. “Uhhmmm… are you alright? I mean… if you don’t feel comfortable you can tell me, there’s no problem”

“No… I want to do it! But… it’s not very comfortable here in the kitchen” “Oh… okay. Let’s go then” He said with that cocky smile she hadn’t seen in a while.

Once they were on his bedroom, they certainly continued what they started in the kitchen. Delilah took off his clothes and looked carefully at the tattoos he had now; Sirius explained those were some typical prison tattoos and he could hide it if she didn’t like them.

But Delilah said it was ok and that they looked really cool, so after the mini chat, they let themselves flow with the energy of the moment as the couple sure did miss each other’s body and warmth.

Delilah’s body was covered by kisses and caresses as well as his. The moans from Sirius flooded all the room, and the woman on top of him had a satisfactory smile on her face, at hearing “The most dangerous wizard” asking her for more at the peak of their pleasure.

Sirius wouldn’t waste any area on Delilah, making the moment even more delicious for both of them. They enjoyed themselves like never before all night and part of the day, until the exhaustion made them rest properly, to then continue a little bit more.

“It’s nice that everybody knows your desserts” Sirius said smiling, while looking at her. “You always give the best ideas”

"Guess all that time in detention wasn’t a waste of time after all” He said, laughing a little. “Oh, how I hated detention” Delilah said, smiling and now looking at the ceiling as Sirius just contemplated her.

“Delilah…” Sirius called this time, a little bit worried. “Yes?” “Do you still wanna marry me?” He asked, as a small smile was growing on Delilah’s face. “What an unnecessary question… you know I do… I’ll always do” She said, as he sat on the bed and took her left hand.

“Then let’s marry…” “But… first we have to flee Europe” “Well then let’s do it… let’s get marry anywhere you want to” He said, excited. “Why don’t we wait until the Christmas break, so Harry and Remus at least can be present?”

“I’ve been waiting so much to be with you… but I guess you’re right. I will like to have those two on the ceremony. They're family” He said with a nostalgic chuckle. “Hey… but… we can start with the preparations while we eat some hot ramen” Delilah said, giving him a wink.

“Ramen?” “I have a small place in Japan… and since we can’t be here…” “That’s… that’s wonderful! I’ve always wanted to travel to Japan” He said, smiling. “You’re gonna love it. It’s beautiful”

“Aright then” “Are you ready?” Delilah asked him with a smile, as his answer was a nod with a gaze full of hope.

Chapter 5: This Is What It's All About (Part l)

“You got it?” Sirius asked while setting the table. “Yes, come and see” Delilah said, as they made it to the living room. “Wow… It’s really the best” “I told ya” Delilah added, smiling.

"How do you know so much about broomsticks?" "Remember those Quidditch days with James... I learned everything even if I didn't want to" Delilah added with a chuckle.

“He’s gonna love it. His previous one was destroyed in the last Quidditch match by our dear Whimping Willow” “Oh… that damn tree” “Well, he’ll have the best but… we have to very careful”

“We’re not gonna send a card, Sirius. Harry is a clever boy, he’ll figure out it’s from us” “Alright then” Sirius added.

Harry’s godparents sent him all the way to Hogwarts the Firebolt, as a Christmas present. Of course, it didn’t arrive with a note, but with a feather of some exotic bird that would give him a hint it was from them, who weren’t currently in the continent.

Two weeks later, a day before Christmas, 12 Grimmauld Place was "crowded" than ever before. The Weasley’s, Hermione, Remus, Dumbledore and Minerva along with Harry and Severus were there to be part of the new chapter of the Black family as a small and discreet ceremony was going to be held on that day.

A nervous Sirius was waiting for them in the great room, near the fireplace, which was lovely decorated thanks to all the people present there, but mostly thanks to the Weasley’s.

“I never thought I would live long enough to see the always rebel Sirius Black getting married” Remus added, entering the room and laughing a little, but Sirius lack of reaction worried him. “Hey… What is it? Don’t tell me you regretted doing this”

“What? No! Of course no! I want to marry Delilah but… she’s taking too long and it makes me think maybe she’s the one who doesn’t want to do this anymore” A very worried Sirius explained.

“Well… I wouldn’t blame her. I mean, she’s marrying a criminal” Severus said, entering the room. “Cut it, Snivellus... Why don't you go and play with your chemistry set?”

“Alright, alright everybody calm down. Here’s the ceremony official and he’s a good friend of mine, so don’t worry about it… he will keep this secret but the ceremony will be 100% legal” Albus said, entering with the smiley grey-haired man, who greeted everyone.

“What is it dear? You look pale” Professor McGonagall said, looking at Sirius. “He thinks Delilah is not gonna marry him and that’s why she’s taking so long” Remus explained.

“That’s not true! Hermione just told us they’re about to finish with her hair… that’s why they are taking so long” Harry said, entering the room with Ron, while Sirius at hearing these words felt a little bit relax. “I’ll check on them, don’t worry” Minerva said, leaving the room to go where the bride was.

Meanwhile, upstairs...

“Oh dear… don’t tell me you don’t wanna do this anymore” A scared Molly asked. “No… I mean… I just… I never thought this would actually happen one day so… it’s very surreal and…” Delilah barely said, while breathing through a paper bag, as she was having a small anxiety attack.

“It’s gonna be alright, the officer is already here” Minerva said, entering the bedroom. “Ohhh Merlin help me” Delilah said, breathing faster. “Hey… it’s ok… I mean, you love each other and you waited so long for this… you might as well don’t waste more time” Hermione said, as Delilah started to get weepy.

“That was very beautiful Hermione, thank you” Delilah said, taking the girl’s hand as she smiled. “Oh, and if it makes you feel better, the groom is more nervous than you because he thinks you don’t want to marry him anymore. What a scene! He’s kind of funny” Minerva said this time with a chuckle that spread through the room.

“Albus, we need you. She’s ready” Minerva said, attracting their attention, as the guests went to their places, while the ceremony officer placed himself in front of the fireplace and Sirius took his place near him. Ginny, Mrs. Weasley and Hermione got into the room and waited excited like the rest of the people.

“You look marvellous, Delilah. I’m so happy to see you happy, finally” Albus said this time, offering his arm, as he was the one walking her down the aisle. “Thank you, Professor” She said with a warm smile.

When they entered the room, all of them smiled just at the sight of Delilah, who looked radiant with her small bouquet of blue forget-me-not flowers and her pearl coloured flowing dress with her hair in a chignon decorated with some diamond stars, both items being a present from the groom. The moment Sirius looked at her, he shed some tears as he couldn’t believe how lucky he was.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of two faithful souls…” The ceremony official said, as they hold hands.

After the exchange of beautiful votes from each other and the rings, the official concluded the ceremony, to then going to the book and signed the papers for the union. Delilah decided to keep her maiden name, but she also added Sirius last name as an official new name, so she could have been known as Delilah Cavendish Black or Delilah Black.

The people who signed as witnesses were Remus, Minerva and Albus, because Harry was underage and he could only be the best man. The pictures were taken and later couple danced “Close to you” by The Carpenters as their official wedding dance and then, the feast started as they decided to have a small buffet.

As the reunion was rather small, they all sat in the large table of the kitchen, that was dramatically changed by the decoration with beautiful wisteria branches and other flowers like blue and purple-pink hydrangeas; of course, the newlyweds sat on the head of the table and shared some experiences from their school days with the guests among other things.

After many hours of celebration, the guests say goodbye from the couple, except from Harry, who decided to spend the Christmas break with them since he couldn't actually live with the couple because Sirius was still considered a man on the run.

The Weasley’s would have a dinner on New Year’s Eve to celebrate the New Year and naturally, the now Cavendish-Black Family was going to attend, so before leaving, Molly made sure they didn’t forget the appointment.

By 2:00 am, Harry was helping Sirius and Delilah with the dishes and other stuff back in the kitchen, though they protested against it.

“You better go to sleep, it’s been a tough day for everyone” Delilah said to Harry. “Wow, my wife just said that marrying me was a tough day” Sirius added, pretending to be hurt, and making Harry laugh. “Dramatic” Delilah whispered with a smile.

“But I want to help” “And we thank your help, but you’re too young to stay so late up at night. Plus… if you don’t go to sleep you won’t get your Christmas present” Sirius said, winking at him.

“Another present?” He asked, excited. “Which reminds me… Where did I put it?” Delilah said, looking for something near the fireplace of the kitchen. “Oh, here!” She said, taking a square rapped in green metallic Christmas paper from the Christmas tree, like a true magic trick.

“What is that?” Harry asked. “Well, this is the first part of your Christmas present. It’s from both of us” Delilah said, as Sirius joined her to catch Harry’s reaction.

Harry took his time, taking care of not rip the envelope, and his face got illuminated once he saw his present. It was photograph of him from that night with Sirius and Delilah and the frame would have the phrase “Home is where your family is” written in the upper part.

“Guys, this is amazing!” Harry expressed with a wide smile. “Sorry if the frame is too cheesy…” Delilah said, looking at him with a smile. “No! It’s perfect! It really is… I…” Harry said but some tears limited his speech.

“Are you alright?” Delilah asked, a little bit worried. “Better than ever… is just… It’s weird to have a real family… but it feels awesome! Thank you!” He added smiling and hugging them. “And… when the kids arrive it’s gonna be even greater”

“Ouhh… well- uhhhmm… about that… we… we’re not very sure of having kids” Delilah said clumsily. “…Yet” Sirius added, winking and smiling at the same time and making her blush.

“Whatever you decide, I just want to thank you for giving me the chance of having a family. I love you, guys” He said as he hugged his godparents again. “And we love you too Harry, never dare to forget it” Delilah added this time.

Time flew, and as nothing can stay gold forever, things started to get complicated for Harry with Voldemort, whose power was raising more each time with the help of his group.

The Order of the Phoenix was re-established and by 1996 Harry’s mind started to suffer the struggle for the intrusion of Voldemort, something that he somehow could controlled thanks to the personal training of Severus and Delilah, who were excellent in occlumency and legilimency.

On 18 June of 1996 tension got at its peak with the Battle of the Ministry of Magic, where a lot of things left discovered, while other more that happened that day were simply unexpected.

Chapter 5: This Is What It's All About (Part ll)

After Harry and the guys were basically cornered by the death eaters, part of the Order of the Phoenix arrived to help them. That day were Remus, Dora, Sirius, Delilah, Professor Moody and Minister Kingsley; what started like a tense chat, suddenly transformed into a messy encounter after Sirius gave a punch on the face to Lucius Malfoy and the real battle began.

The Order was taking down the death eaters and everyone was in a vivacious mood, specially Sirius, who was even laughing, until his deranged cousin, Bellatrix Lestrange hit him with the Stupefy spell, making Sirius to went out of balance and approaching accidentally but dangerously to the veil.

Delilah was casting a Patronus when this happened, as she realised in surprise, her Patronus changed from being a stoat (like in her school days) to a beautiful unicorn.

It was well known that if somebody would fall into the veil their death was imminent; Delilah was far from him, taking care of another death eater, but she saw the whole scene and the terror and panic filled her body as she was seeing what was going to happen next.

To Delilah, everything stopped for a second, and she just did the first thing that came to her mind and heart; she travelled to him by using the apparition charm, she knew that if she couldn’t save him, at least they would die together. And so, both of them were seeing going through the veil, as the loud screams of Harry were heard with pain from the others, except for Bellatrix who was laughing madly.

Harry chased her while she was chanting happily “I killed The Blacks” until he was about to killed her but stopped, something that she used to escape. Soon after Voldemort and Dumbledore were in the middle of a heat fight that ended with Voldemort escaping too. Luckily, the stupid Minister Cornelius Fudge saw by himself how Voldemort was indeed back in the scene.

“Sirius! Delilah!” Tonks shouted and ran towards the couple, who was just as surprised as her in one of the corners of the place. “YOU’RE ALIVE!” Tonks said happily and hugging Delilah. “REMUS, COME HERE!” “Thank you…” Remus added with a relief sigh.

“We have to tell Harry, he thinks you’re dead” Hermione said, as the rest of the group arrived and helped them to stand up. “I… I don’t understand… Why are we still alive?” Delilah asked to herself.

“You’re basically the Queen of the Underworld… doesn’t that ring any bell to you?” Minister Kingsley said as a joke, but actually he was being serious.

Delilah and Sirius looked at each other, but before they could say anything, an ecstatic Harry appeared to hug them tightly as they did the same; now that the reputation of Cornelius was in doubt as well as his sense, he didn’t want to waste more time and started by doing the right thing.

Knowing that The Blacks where there, he decided to make a quick trial for the couple, releasing them of all charges by the Ministry of Magic and returning them their freedom; but before they could actually celebrate, Delilah fell ill shortly after the battle and some people from the Ministry started the rumour that it was the effect of going through the veil, that subsequently was going to kill her.

That very same night, it was known Delilah wasn’t going to die, but she was expecting her first child with Sirius and the due date was for January, as she already had three months but never noticed because the stress of the last months was very high.

Also, she was notified that the change of her Patronus was due to her re-connection with the love of her life, Sirius, and her upcoming phase as a mother.

The reason why neither her or Sirius died while going through the veil was because of her condition and connection with the Underworld and as she constantly exchanged energy with Sirius since at a very young age, the veil didn’t affect him either.

While Sirius was about to die of happiness as well as Harry and the magical and muggle community, Delilah was rather terrified by that new adventure she was going to begin with Sirius and Harry, but as the months passed and her returning to her patisserie shop was official, the fear started to disappear a little.

As a free couple now, Sirius helped her in the patisserie on some days, as he enjoyed baking cakes but also had to check an eye on her and the baby; Tonks would help her through the week, as both became very closed and subsequently best friends.

Harry finally started to live with them officially, something that made them very happy, and he started to help sometimes in the patisserie too, although Delilah usually would tell him it wasn't necessary and that he should have fun with his friends.

Finally, on January 30th 1997, Delilah and Sirius became parents of a baby girl that seemed to have all her father’s features. They decided to called her Lily Cornelia Cavendish-Black in honour of Harry’s mother, who was born on that day too and Delilah’s mother, Cornelia.

Parenting wasn’t an easy task, but Delilah and Sirius made the best effort for her first born, who happened to be very intelligent even for her young age. By the summer of 1997 the wedding of Tonks and Remus was celebrated, as Sirius and Delilah were the best man and made of honour respectively of the couple.

There was some ray of hope in the middle of the mess of the Second Wizarding War with love blossoming everywhere, but also there was the obligation to get ready for the worst.

After the attack in the wedding of Fleur Delacour and William Weasley, things started to complicated a lot and no place was save for Harry neither the rest of the wizards and witches. The real struggle began and while the Order was working hard, Harry, Hermione and Ron did their part by going on a search for the remaining Voldemort’s horcruxes.

Finally, on the day of May 2, 1998, The Battle of Hogwarts took place, making it a major historical event, since it was the definitive defeat of Lord Voldemort but also one of the events with more deaths. The loss of old friends, relatives and acquaintances was something that would be part of the new generation forever, but also to remember they didn’t die in vain.

After the war, Harry returned to live with The Blacks and they would reunite with the Weasleys, Hermione, Tonks and Lupin with Teddy, their son, every Christmas and New Years Eve, like the big family they became.

*Is it any wonder? I'm higher than an angel. Our bodies, they're touching, and you've not yet woken; your breath is like a feather caressing my neck. Your hands, they're whispers… can't wait till they've spoken*

*Is it any wonder? We keep still and quiet pretending we've not woken when moonlight meets sunrise. And linger in a half sleep warm orange love light, spilling through the curtains on you by my side*

“Who would’ve thought…” Sirius said, turning around and facing Delilah, who was already awake and still covering their bare bodies with the sheets. “What?”

“I remember the proud and arrogant Delilah Cavendish walking with her head high in Hogwarts, despising a handsome and popular boy called Sirius Black…only so she ended up being Mrs. Black” Sirius said with a smile that made her smile, followed by a sweet kiss that Delilah interrupted to talk.

“It was more like a clever Delilah Cavendish wasn’t going to waste her precious time with the rude and stupid Hogwarts heartbreaker Sirius Black… but in the end, you just couldn’t resist to my charms and awesomeness and fell to my feet so easily” Delilah added this time, as she laughed hard at her own joke, while Sirius simply looked at her like the first time, with the same glowing gaze.

“You’re right… I fell harshly for you, even when I tried to deny it… and I still falling for you and I will until our dying day” Sirius finally said, as Delilah caressed gently his hair and he gave her a smiled and another kiss.

“It’s so good that the kids are spending the weekend with aunt Tonks and uncle Remus” Delilah added and they both laughed, as Harry was in a holiday only with Ginny, and their kids were spending the time with Tonks and Remus.

Delilah and Sirius welcomed their second child two years after the Wizarding War ended, a boy they named Ulysses James Cavendish Black and that had all his mother’s features. By then, their parenting skills improved very much, and they were known for being a respectable and caring family.

Delilah’s patisserie extended to other countries like Japan, and she started to spend more time with her family as she hired more people for her shops, but she never left work officially.

12 Grimmauld Place was the House of Black, a place they could use in case of some last-minute holidays or in case of any emergency. Sirius and Delilah bought a house after the war and they moved to a muggle neighbourhood in 23 Egerton Terrace, Kensington, London a home that specially Harry loved and visited with Ginny and the kids very often.

“Now… it’s time to wake up” Sirius whispered to his lady. “We are awake since a long time ago… we’re just too lazy to go up”

“Well that’s you, because I’m already up” Sirius joked as he still was in bed. "Hey..." he added quietly. "What is it?" Delilah asked in a whisper.

“I love you Delilah, thank you for making my life happy” He said, with a warm smile. “I love you too Sirius… this is what it’s all about, don’t forget it” She added as they shared another tender kiss. The End.

Fun Facts about ✨Never Let Me Go✨

First of all if you, reader, made it to this point I want to thank you very much for reading this (as while I'm writing this I'm not sure somebody will read it) and thanks for holding on until the end 🥺❤️. After saying this, let's go with the facts and maybe some doubts you had while reading some chapters.

1. All the chapters' titles are song titles that I really like or phrases from songs. I'll leave you the songs right here (in order of appearance) in case you'd like to hear them (I apologise if some of them are ultra cheesy).

2. Delilah managed to continue with her patisserie business after she reunited and flee the country with Sirius, thanks to a clone she was able to make (obviously, using magic) so the ministry couldn't suspect about her.

3. I'm already planning on doing another fanfiction about Sirius, since he's my favourite character from HP and also had a huge crush on him (in case you didn't notice by now) BUT I also want to write a story about Remus Lupin because, come on, he so deserves it and I love him too #cinnamonroll.

4. The kitten that appears in the first chapter and visits Delilah was Professor McGonagall in disguise, as the owls in the wisteria tree when Delilah and her friend are preparing the tent for her party on chapter 3 are Professor Dumbledore, Severus Snape and Remus Lupin, using transfiguration.

5. There is a kind of sexual tension between Severus and Delilah in their teen years, when they become closer; though Severus was always in love with Lily, he did start to have certain feelings for Delilah at some point, but he later transformed that into a pure feeling of friendship.

6. The first time Delilah and Sirius were intimate was when they were 18 years old shortly after their graduation from Hogwarts, and it took place in the new flat Sirius owned thanks to the money his uncle gave him.

7. I wasn't going to kill Tonks and Remus and that was the first thing I decided when I started to write down this... It was not going to happen, they deserved to be happy (at least in my shitty fanfiction).

8. Delilah studied a year abroad in Paris while attending college, and received a B.A. in French Literature.

9. Though Delilah kept her maiden name, Cavendish, she was also commonly known as Delilah Black or Madame Black.

10. Delilah's patisserie name is Stardust and the style is a mix of Ladurée and Peggy Porschen. The idea of having a shop for her desserts came from Sirius, when back in Hogwarts the marauders would sneak into the kitchen to enjoy Delilah's fancy desserts.

*Bonus: The physical appearance of The Marauders in their Hogwarts years is the same as the fandom has always established (click next to see the image).

I think that's all, though I have the feeling I'm letting something out, but if I remember anything I will add it to the list. Thank you for reading, and hope you're doing great in these hard times. Take care and my best vibes to you and yours ❤️ Karenina/Amelia (Those are my alias in the fanfiction world), X

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