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ladypaleriderWriter and Artist. Scorpio Witch
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Why anything?


by ladypalerider

So it would seem, that we only think we know what we know.

How do we know that the knowledge we possess is true? Is it because that's just what we're taught? How do you know that a horse is a horse? Perhaps he is a crow. Perhaps I am a tree.

The mirror shows a reflection. But where is the real you?

The sunlight beams through the window, but the glass is cold to the touch. A quarter of an inch separating two entirely different climates. How thin must the veil between worlds be?

There is magic all around us. But you must look for it.

The tears would fall from my eyes as the rain falls from heaven. My soul tarnished, my spirit fractured. In the refracted light I saw a broken rainbow. In that I found the answers and none at all

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