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Telling my future daughter what love and who love is.


You were sitting on an ocean cliff when love came.

You were in your worst phases.

You were so depressed.

You were lonely.

When love comes, your depression turns into happiness, your worst phase becomes so magical.

When love comes you won't be lonely.

When love comes the ocean cliff view will be all you are looking at. How breath taking it is.

When love comes, you'll know.

Love is the stranger that lights the room.

Love is the stranger you met eyes with once which made you believe that Cinderella wasn't just a fairytale.

Love is a stranger that turns into your thoughts, into your art, your sound just by seeing them.

Love is a symphony.

When love comes you'll feel his presence.

Love came. Love held you tight in his arms in warmth and whispered love poems he would dread for anyone to hear. Love came and lit the room. Love came and you were happy..

but love's light was too bright...

Once love leaves... love will leave you in coldness.. love will leave you with memories of love poems you would die to make them disappear. Love will shed a light that'll blind you...

love will leave and once love does... you will know that love, is real but love is more complicated then we think...

Wait... love came back... love stayed... love sang love poems,, this time out loud for everyone to hear... love said your name out loud...

love sat next to you held your hand and that adrenaline rush happened... love looked you deep in the eyes and all you saw was the sparkle in them... love apologized...

love would never leave you again... love is mysterious... love might still leave but since love is here.. enjoy love's presence...

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