Date Night
Date Night  horror stories
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crazy, my heart used to be what you’d adore

Date Night

You walked out the door with my heart in your hands

I thought we'd go on a date to a faraway land

You went to the store to buy a hatchet

I put on my dress with shoes that matched it

You drove to a field and placed it in dirt

I changed my outfit to a blouse and skirt

You sat by my heart, planning your attack

I stared at myself trying to find what I lacked

You picked up your weapon and began to strike

The longer I stared, the more I disliked

You attacked my heart until it was wrecked

I redid my makeup to make it perfect

You viciously spread the pieces around

I felt my heart begin to pound

Lifeless lay my heart in that field

I felt as though it'd never be healed

You drove back home in eery silence

I knew what you'd done but tried to deny it

You walked past my body that lay on the floor

Crazy, it once was what you adored

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