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Josie always wanted to meet her mate after seeing the love her parents had for each other. After the fateful night, though, she’s sent on a roller coaster of emotion she never expected.


August 26, 2016

"Josie, you look so pretty!" Anna squealed. The little four year old was clapping her hands, her little white dress bouncing as she did.

I looked in the mirror once more, and couldn't help but agree with my sister. The dress was a nude color, and the top half was completely covered in sparkles.

It was the alphas eighteenth birthday tonight, which was the night he would find his mate. Everyone was excited because as soon as he found his mate, he would officially become alpha.

"Come on Anna, let's go downstairs," I smiled, grabbing my sister and propping her up on my hip.

My mom, dad, and younger brother were sitting in the kitchen, my brother stuffing his face with cookies.

"Oh Josie, you look so pretty," my mom gasped. My dad came over and gave me a hug, kissing my forehead.

"Daddy!" Anna squealed. My dad stole her from my arms and she started to giggle as he ran into the living room.

"Be careful Blake! Don't ruin her dress!" My mom called out, but she was laughing at the playfulness.

"Where's Kylie?" I asked Kyle, sitting down next to him and taking one of the cookies.

"She's still getting ready," he said. Kylie, my younger sister and Kyle's twin, was an amazing makeup artist. Beauty and fashion was her life, and when it came down to that, it had to be perfect.

"Well at least she'll look amazing," I laughed, finishing off my cookie.

Soon enough, Kylie came downstairs, beautiful as ever in the strapless pink dress she was wearing. "Oh honey you look beautiful!" My mom gushed, going over to hug her.

"Thanks mom," Kylie said. "Are we ready to go?" She turned to Kyle and I. We both nodded a yes, so we got our stuff together and left, after my mom took a million pictures.

I didn't know it then, but tonight was the night that the biggest challenge I had ever faced would hit me.


"You guys go have fun, you don't need to hang out with me the whole night," I urged the twins, playfully shooing them away.

Their eyes had been lingering on their friends since we got here, and I didn't want to ruin their night. My best friend Meghan came up and joined me, gushing over how pretty I look.

"You look so pretty too! The color of of your dress really makes your eyes pop," I complimented, yet it was true.

The black dress made her big green eyes really stand out, but her long, thick lashes might have helped a little too.

"Thank you," she said happily, pulling me in for a hug. "Did you hear that Alyssa found her mate!" She squealed.

"Yes! She called me about it last night. He's the beta of the River Water pack she told me," I said back.

"I wonder how she's getting along with the all the other teenage girls in the pack," Meghan wondered.

"I know," I sighed. "Hopefully Alyssa will get along them. She can't live there with no girls to hang out with," I smiled.

"I know, but no one will ever compare to us," Meghan said, dramatically flipping her hair.

"Of course not. I mean, we are her best friends. We could never be replaced," I said even more dramatically, and we both burst into a fit of giggles.

Meghan and I hung out on the sidelines the entire time, laughing with each other. We weren't really the life-of-the-party type of girls, usually just having fun on the sidelines like we are now.

"Are you staying behind to clean up?" I asked, as people started to trickle out. She nodded, but I knew she was tired as a large yawn escaped we mouth.

"Why don't you go to home? I'll do both of our jobs?" I suggested, and she just nodded, almost crashing into the wall as she left.

I let out a giggle before starting to clean up all the cups scattered around.

Everything was mostly cleaned up when I heard the door open again. I turned around expecting to see Meghan, but gasped when I met eyes with the alpha.

He was my mate.

A new feeling flooded inside of me that had my wolf howling in delight and wanting to go up and kiss him. "Damn it," he muttered, shaking his head.

"What's wrong alpha?" I asked cautiously, even though my wolf was whining. He struggled to say what he wanted to say, I could tell by the way his mouth kept opening and closing.

"I don't want a mate," he finally said, and my wolf let out a another howl, but it was full of sadness this time. Our mate didn't want us.

I didn't know what to say after he said that. What do you say after your mate tells you that you don't want them? "Okay," I finally managed to say in a whisper.

I turned around to finish cleaning up the cups, and heard the door slam behind me.

I finished cleaning up, feeling exhausted and wanting to ball my eyes out. I walked home, hoping that no one would be awake so I wouldn't have to talk about what happened.

I got lucky, and hurried up to my own room and stripping out of my dress, pulling my pajamas on.

My hair went up into a messy bun and I curled up in my bed, a lone tear falling down my cheek before the dam broke.

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