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Sharing is kind, giving is grace.

Mabel's Magic

"Honey!" I yell across the room.

"What do you want Tally?" John yells.

"Come here." I call back, I hear him groan and get up walking over to me.

"Yes Darling?" He says sarcastically rolling his eyes.

"Do we have enough money for this month's rent?" I furrow my brows.

"Damn it, no I used the last of the budget on groceries last week. Why does this year have to be so tight? " He rubs his forehead the stress almost spilling out of him.

"It's fine we will find a way we always do." I say reassuringly smiling at him.

He nods his head, grunts, and goes back to watching tv.

"I need to go to the library, I'll be back soon." I call. He doesn't answer because he's sucked into the tv.

I chuckle as I walk out of our apartment building, its an overcast day no bird chirping at all.

I breathe in the smoky air from the factory right by our apartment building, the library is just a block away and it doesn't take too long to get to so I won't be gone long.

I love the library it's colorful and beautiful and it takes away the gloominess of the day. I open the door to the library and a strong scent of vanilla hit my nostrils. "Mhhh." I sigh.

I walk over to the computers and research some side jobs I could get to pay for this month's rent. "Do you need any help?" I hear a sweet voice say from behind me, I turn around to see Ms.

Mabel the librarian that has been at this library almost as long as it's been around.

"Well I'm just trying to find some side jobs I could get because we are short on this month's rent and we barely have enough to even keep the lights on.

We've had to cut back on groceries, we can only spend thirty dollars each month on groceries, we are close to starving but we stay positive anyway.

" I smile through the tears threatening to spill over onto my cheeks. "Aw, dear if there is anything I can do you just let me know, ok?" she smiles sympathetically.

"No, we can do this but I appreciate your kindness Ms. Mabel." I smile. "Well I'll let you get back to your research." She says, and walks away.

I continue to look for side jobs; dog walker, grocer, housekeeper, nothing that works into my schedule. I lay my head down on the table and sigh.

What is there to do? I need some type of job or we will be homeless in less than a month! I think, I get up and wave bye to Ms. Mabel. "Good luck!" She calls. I smile.

***One Week Later***

"Tally!?" John yells from the living room.

"Yes?" I call back walking out of the bedroom.

"Did you pay our rent?" He asks puzzled.

"No....Why?" I asked confused.

"I just got a letter from our landlord saying our rent is paid for the next 7 months." He says.

"Let me see that envelope." I take the envelope and look inside, there is a little sticky note in it.

I take it out and it reads, Even the most confident fall down, I thought you could use a little help. From Ms. Mabel. "Oh my lord, Ms. Mabel paid for our rent!" I gasp.

Tears slip out, and I hug John. "This is amazing." He says in awe.

And as Tally and John hug Ms. Mabel sitting in the Library smiling at the good deed she has done, she did it not because she had to but because she wanted to.

Now everyone that is the true meaning of giving.

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