Stop Denying My love {Oh Sehun One-Shot}
Stop Denying My love {Oh Sehun One-Shot} kpop stories

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Sehun has been in love with Lyn for a while. Will she finally open her eyes and admit her feelings?

Stop Denying My love {Oh Sehun One-Shot}

Lyn had avoided dating Sehun for as long as she could remember. She liked him, but the age gap prevented her from even acting on her wants. He was seen as rather the cute boy next door.

Sehun on the other hand, wanted to date Lyn. He wanted to take their friendship to the next level, but he wanted her to reciprocate the feelings.

"Lyn, we are perfect for one another. Just give me a chance."

Shoving the last cookie in her mouth raising an eyebrow, she stood there confused as to why he had gone back to the topic she tried so hard to avoid.

She was far from being his type; messy haired majority of the time with minimal to no makeup. Lyn was her own person. She marched to the beat of her own drum, not caring who minded.

Unaware that this was one thing he loved the most about her.

"Sehun, we've been over this. I don't want to get into it. Besides, aren't you supposed to be going on a date soon?"

If Lyn was good at anything, she was perfect at switching subjects or backlogging. With Sehun, she was tested everyday.

If he wasn't pulling pranks on her, he was trying to shower her with affection; not much but as much as she'd allow him. That wasn't enough for her.

Lyn didn't believe in dating guys exponentially younger than her. No matter how much Sehun showed her he cared, she didn't budge.

Feeling defeated, Sehun walked out the room. Surely, there was a way he could show her that noone would love her like he did. Yes, he had a date soon; but so did she.

Anytime Lyn wanted to go out with a different guy, Sehun would avoid her. Not because he didn't want to see her, but because he would probably go into a jealous rage at the guy.

He needed to keep his head straight at all costs. This Noona was proving to be hard to win over.

Tonight, would be different. Different from any other date night. From the silence in the living room, he heard her phone go off. "Hmm. So that is who she is seeing; this won't be hard afterall.

Upstairs, Lyn was getting ready as she started to feel weird about the whole situation. Like their conversation lingered behind.

'No, this can't be. We're just friends. That is all.'

Peptalks helped her out in situations usually, but not this time. She didn't want to see who Sehun was about to date. From the feeling in her throat, she wouldn't be able to handle it.

For the night, she wanted to be classy. Not realizing anything, she chose the dress that was his favorite on her. He even bought it for her when she got the promotion at work.

Her life revolved around Sehun; she was just to blind to take notice. He was her better half, but she refused to admit defeat of this young guy stealing her heart.

Sehun began pacing waiting for their date's. He wanted to see, firsthand, this whole circumstance fail. If he had a horrible time tonight, Lyn would be there with him.

Light knocking on the door interrupted his thoughts as he ran to answer. Slowly, he saw the one person to drive Lyn mad; Kyla. Kyla and Lyn went back years. Decades even.

She always made Lyn feel inferior. That Lyn would never amount to the level Kyla imagined. Sehun didn't know the history, just that she was pretty.

He wanted to use her pretty face to give Lyn competition. Of course Kyla would never compare to Lyn, but Lyn didn't have to know that yet.

"Hey," Sehun stepped aside as he allowed her entry into Lyn’s home, "We're waiting on Lyn to finish, and her date to show up."

Turning, Kyla gave Sehun her undivided attention, "Wait did you say Lyn?"

"Yes, her and her date." He walked into the kitchen to offer her a drink. This girl prying into Lyn before even seeing her, gave off bad vibes to Sehun.

He didn't know what she was hinting at, but he didn't like it. As the girl walked around the house, he kept an eye on her like a hawk; making sure she didn't mess anything up.


Lyn’s sweet voice was heard as she made her way downstaires. "Do I look okay? I feel wei--."

She met eyes with Kyla. Flashbacks of her being bullied flowed back into her mind as she stumbled down the stairs. Luckily, Sehun caught her. This gave him a bad feeling, seeing her like this.

Sure she was clumsy, but usually not to this extent. When Lyn got her balance back, she had a mix of hatred and fear in her eyes.

She escaped her past years ago; why was it just now showing back up? Tonight of all nights. She couldn't let Sehun go through this. He didn't know just how evil Kyla was.

It seemed as if she hadn't changed at all.

Grabbing Sehun's hand, she led him to her patio. "Sehun, is that. . Are you going to be with Kyla tonight?"

"Yes, why is it a problem?"

"It's none of my business but please reconsider that."

Quizzically, Sehun just stared at the girl lost for words. "Why is it a problem for me to date anyone now? Just 20 minutes ago, you were telling me to go on the date.

Now I can't, or shouldn't? Either you want me or don't. Either you want to be with me or don't. Don't lead me on, and especially don't send mixed emotions."

"Sehun," Fighting back tears she understood how selfish she sounded, but it was truly for his best interest. "It's not like that please. You have always trusted me, why don't you tonight?"

He turned his back to her, "We'll wait for you both when he gets here."

She was right. The knot in her stomach hurt. He was her best friend, but this one conversation probably just ended that as well. Glancing inside, she noticed Kyla was too close to Sehun.

This night was well passed ruined. Lyn wanted it to end; and quickly. Gathering up her emotions, she made her way in the house bypassing the cutesy couple flirting; going straight to her room.

"Hi Lyn. What an uhm interesting house you have here."

Letting Kyla's remark slide, she ignored it. This was the only way to keep calm. Otherwise, Kyla would be on the floor with extensions pulled out and that designer dress would be ruined.

One problem though, was that Lyn was non-confrontational. She didn't like fights, she was meek and mild in temperament. This wasn't going to change. Atleast not yet.

Finally, Lyn’s date showed up. Her enthusiasm quickly dropped. All thanks to Kyla's presence.

She couldn't be mad at Sehun, he was unaware of just how much hell Kyla put Lyn through when they were younger. Hopefully Sehun would decide that Kyla was not for him.

Only he could make that decision. She didn't know if she could be strong enough to stand by him if he did. Anytime she saw Kyla, only bad memories flooded her mind.

Now, ten years later here they were. Same situation, just a different time. Her past quickly caught up to her.

The couples left for the restaurant as everybody was in conversation; all but Lyn. The short 6 mins to the venue, seemed like hours for her.

As they entered the restaurant, Sehun couldn't help but notice a completely different Lyn. Usually she was happy and bubbly. This was not the girl he knew or loved.

It was finally hitting him just how important this topic was to Lyn. He didn't know per sé the problem at hand, but it had to be bad if Lyn’s spirit was broken.

All of a sudden, Kyla spilled all four glasses of wine on Lyn, for the lack of attention she was receiving from Sehun.

"Oh my god. I'm so sorry. We can go to goodwill tomorrow to buy you another dress. Oopsie Lyn I apologize, but I really did you a favor.

So you're welcome," an ominous smirk appeared across Kyla's face.

Lyn shot up furious. She didn't mind the spilling of wine on her dress, but the fact that it was one Sehun gave her, didn't sit will.

"I never said anything to you in Highschool. I should have, you are nothing but a bully and a bitch." The restaurant went silent from the sound of skin hitting skin.

Lyn let her hand express her anger. Turning to Sehun, she just frowned. "I'm sorry Sehun, I can't stay. I definitely won't lower myself to be around her, so I'm done. You chose her. Have fun.

" Tears filled her eyes as she excused herself from the table.

"I bought her that dress Kyla, it didn't come from goodwill. Lyn was right." Sehun chased after the girl he loved. Rain began to pour as Sehun needed to find Lyn; before he lost her.

Looking down, he noticed her heels. They were broken. Lyn was one to walk if she needed to clear her mind. It was the only way to calm her down.

Following shortly behind, he caught up to her eventually.

Sehun grabbed her arm to pull her into him. "I'm sorry. I didn't know or realize you had bad history."

Breaking out of his hold, she proceeded down the street growling, "Leave me alone Sehun, Kyla is probably missing you to boast how this brought enjoyment to her night."

"Will you listen to me? Stop!" He forced her back under an awning to prevent them from getting anymore wet. "I didn't choose her. I chose you a long time ago.

It was you that hadn't made the decision. I love you. Why do you continuously deny my love?"

She stood there trying to recollect herself. Acting out of norm she pulled him into a kiss to shut him up. It was the least she could do to make up for everything.

Behind the kiss, she muttered the words he longed to hear, "I love you too."

This whole night proved her wrong. Her saying she didn't have feelings for him, was a lie. It finally came to surface. It took her past catching up to prove just how much this noona loved him.

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