The time has come!
The time has come! pain stories

lacy_nichole Just a girl using writing as therapy!
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Time to tell more of my story and stop hiding.

The time has come!

It all started 20 years ago, but it feels like last night.

I used to think it was normal, that everything was ok.

Hell, I even tried to convince myself that I was enjoying it.

Then I grew, I learned! I finally knew the truth.

I never told a soul, even started to think I was crazy, that I somehow made it up!

To this day I wonder.... why tell my side of the story?

Its too late, its in the past.

Well not to me, it isn't. Some days it feels like you're still going to come to my room at night.

I need to tell my story so that other girls like me don't wait to speak up.

I look at my 5-year-old daughter and realize the first time he touched me I was her age. To realize that I was as tiny and innocent as she is when my brother first stole my innocence.

Big brothers are protectors my ass! You took what was supposed to be a beautiful gift shared with my future husband and you ruined everything about it.

I carried the pain, the guilt, and your dirt secret with me throughout my life.

But no more!

I watched you go on living like nothing ever happened.

The time has come, time to tell my story with the world. Time to get this weight off my shoulders. Time to tell other living with the same pain that it's ok, you are not alone!

The time is now!

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