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lacy_nichole Just a girl using writing as therapy!
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Just a small bit about me!


Finally time to tell you a little bit about me.

Hi! I'm Lacy, I'm a 25-year-old mother from a small town in Virginia, USA! We have more cows than people!

My husband and I have been together 9 years this summer and we adopted our daughter almost 5 years ago.

I plan to write about her story but just haven't had the right creative spark.

To anybody that knows me personally, I'm just your average small-town girl. Just remember, looks can be deceiving.

I recently decided that I needed to tell my story, to finally come clean about all the battles within.

I admit I'm a chicken, too scared to tell my stories to those I know. It easier with you guys.

Thanks for all the likes and follows I have already received. I honestly never thought my stories would even be seen.

If you wanna know more feel free to ask!

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