Watch in amazement as she becomes reborn.
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lacy_nichole Just a girl using writing as therapy!
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Watch as she grows into the girl you didn't see.

Watch in amazement as she becomes reborn.

Step right up and take a look. Come wonder at the marvel that is within.

Look in my mirror,

What do you see?

You see a girl

A girl that grew up with the brightest smile in the room, the one with the laugh you could hear before you even entered.

A girl that even though the loss of some of the greatest people in her life, somehow never let that smile fade.

A girl that easily related to everyone, always surrounded by friends, went to every sleepover and seemingly never had a dull weekend.

She grew in a young lady

The lady who cheered for her high school from the sidelines and marched with enormous pride in her heart at every half time.

The lady that knew what college she was going to attend and had her whole future planned.

The lady who through all 4 years of high school only ever made less than an "A" two times, and graduated within the top 15 of her class

The lady who made her family proud.

A lady who blossomed into a woman.

The woman who learned sometimes plans change, but still kept that bright smile and warm heart.

The woman who unexpectantly found love in a gas station parking lot.

The woman that married at 18 knowing wholeheartedly that it was for life.

The woman that had it made with a partner who supported her college dreams and spoiled her immensely.

The woman who became a mother overnight at the age of 20.

The woman who is thought of as strong because she loved an infant through drug withdraws.

The woman who through all the life changes and the ups and downs never once let her smile dull, never once gave up, continued to live life to the fullest.

You see...... A complete fucking lie.

Take a step back and watch as I flip the switch revealing that the object you thought was a mirror was nothing more than a two-way looking glass blocking the truth from view.

Now, step back up and see.

See the little girl,

See the little girl that was violated in the most primitive of ways by someone who should have been a protector.

The girl that learned early on how to keep a secret, cause she was warned that if she told he would hurt her mommy, and mommy was all she had.

The girl that was destroyed when she lost her grandparents cause she lost her safe space because he never felt the need to enter that house

The girl that went to all the sleepovers cause that was one night that she wasn't in his bed.

she grew into a lady,

A lady who cheered to drown out the screaming thoughts in her head

A lady who joined color guard cause damn did it feel good to just throw something as hard as you can.

A lady who threw herself into her studies so that she didn't have time to study the storm inside of her mind.

A lady who made the decision to never let her smile falter because she knew the power of a warm smile because a warm smile once made her rip up the letter she wrote outlining why she didn't

want to live any longer.

And through the pain, she became a woman.

A woman who found love but felt wrong for being loved

A woman who married young even though she was still scared of the thoughts within

A woman who had a supportive partner only because he finally knew the storm she had been battling when he too saw the cuts on her arms and he wanted to ease the pain.

A woman who relied on her partner to help her find a reason to live every day,

A woman who wanted nothing more than to be a mother to only learn she couldn't perform her duties as a woman.

A woman who finally found motherhood in a child she didn't carry but that didn't matter what mattered was the child was a piece of him and she learned how to love the only good he ever created.

You think that is all?

Step right up to watch as the woman learns to take down the looking glass. Watch as she learns to put the two halves together to become more.

Watch in amazement as she becomes reborn.

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