M.E.N chapter 3 part 1
M.E.N chapter 3 part 1 love stories

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Melanie, Elizabeth and Nancy. 3 girls in college enjoying studying books and boys. Until Elizabeth dream awakens darkness now their destiny is all of a sudden opening up. In a time of meeting new people how will they know who trust

M.E.N chapter 3 part 1


It was weird. Nancy was sure that no one was in her room, but she could definitely feel a presence there and Nancy was never wrong about feelings.

When she was younger, she was the only girl that didn't think boys were icky. She welcomed them and they all liked her. But that was back before she could control her power.

She vowed never to learn to control love because she wanted to find someone who truly loved her.

Sometimes her power gets away from her and she gets sucked into everyone's moods that's how she come to learn to control anger and depression; those where the most common in her neighborhood.

She figured if she could keep them down her spirits would be better. It was easy to identify people everyone had their own color.

Melly had a reddish gold and Lizzy had the purplish gold that's why she introduced herself. Their auras matched her auras bluish gold tint. Nancy got up gathered her supplies and left for class.

Her roommate was rarely there. She felt like she had a single, it was lonely. She was headed for her art class. She didn't really have any academic classes.

Her schedule consists of art, history of art, creative writing, advance audio production, and her favorite the art of performing.

She didn't see the need for anything like science it blocked her Qi.

At least that's what she told her mom who was the biggest hippie she ever met, and she met a lot of them, she been to so many peace rallies and power converges.

I sat and sat and stared at my easel. I was feeling extremely uninspired. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, trying to focus all my emotions on just painting.

This project was 33 percent of our grade. My painting consists of a green strip from a brush stroke out of frustration.

"Interesting work Nancy" said Ms. Thorne. Anna-Rose Thorne was tall slim and beautiful if she hadn't chosen art as a profession modeling could have definitely been an option.

She had to only be in her late twenties with long platinum blond hair and always dressed in floral print. Talk about flower power. "I can definitely see the depth and raw emotion in this piece.

And the message it portrays is brilliant" Ms. Thorne smiled at Nancy.

"Tell me what is wrong mon ame soeur." I let a huge sigh.

"If I knew I could paint it out...

I am seriously blocked" I ran my hair through my hair "I don't know if I don't what I am feeling is because I am not feeling anything or if I am feeling too much at once to filter." Ms.

Throne touched my shoulder. She had this beautiful pink aura surrounding her.

"First breathe. Second let go and trust your gift.

Give in to it and it will help you more ways than one" how could she possibly know about my gift; if she was one of us, well, that would actually make perfect sense.

"Art isn't just your talent it is your gift Nancy" oh she meant my artistic talent.

"Thanks. I will keep that in mind" she walked away. I looked at the mocking green stripe.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, and then I slowly let out of my breath; trying to release the negative energy that was holding me back.

I lifted my brush to the canvas and Thorne called class.

I left school and went straight to meet Lance, the love of my life as of now, at the mall, instead of my radio show.

I was feeling drained Lizzy had us doing power exercise and ever since Melly had her encounter she has been right along with her.

I can understand their fear more than anyone but feeling fear times three is a lot for one person. So sometime away from the girls is more than needed it was required.

Lance was standing in front of the ice cream place and the lady came up with two cones and handed them to him. He turned around and saw me the biggest smile came over his face.

It was like all the love in my heart transferred through to his smile.

"Good timing goddess" that was his nickname for me, goddess. I don't remember why he gave me that, but I love it any way makes me feel empowered.

God did I loved ice cream; Lance was my savior; which is funny because he had this protective feeling towards me.

In fact, that how we met, him saving me, was at this year back to school carnival.

I was trying to get some ice cream off my shirt because these young children were bickering about something or other and their mother refuse to intervene,

so the argument escalated to physical blows. One child pushed the other smack dab into me and my fresh butter pecan cone which then fell on to my brand new 100% hemp shirt.

So I'm standing over the garbage trying to scoop the ice cream off of me because I don't want to put it on the ground, I am all about not littering,

you know "save the earth it's the only one we have.

" Any ways I'm totally focused on my shirt completely channeling the overwhelming pissed feeling of the kids and their mother that I don't even pick up or notice the tiger got let out its caged.

Who knew tigers liked ice cream and it makes sense cats like milk so why wouldn't tigers like ice cream so I finally look up from my shirt because I realize it's strangely quiet I look around

no one is there then I see the tiger and I am totally freaked. I'm still reeling off the angry kids and sending out angry vibes which the tiger totally catches.

So, I have this angry tiger staring at me and of course his anger is increase because of me but I'm scared so I can't control my powers.

It's like when I feel other people emotions they are stored and sorted into cups. When I am calm and in control, I can control how each cup is distributed.

When the tiger startled me, I knocked over the last cup I was feeling and now its just pouring out of me and I can't stop it when I'm this disconcerted.

I start to read this calm feeling its Lance standing off to the side but between me in the tiger.

He holds his hand out towards me "walk very slowly towards me while keeping your eye on the tiger.

Whatever you do, do not break his gaze" I began my walk my anger subsiding to the tranquility produced by Lance. The tiger's eyes bore into my soul, as I walked closer to him the calmness grew.

I finally reached his hand after what seemed like the longest minute of my life. We backed away slowly and when we were finally in the clear.

I hugged him so tight and start crying uncontrollably, I guess all the fear caught up with me. It was embarrassing and I couldn't stop he just stood there hugging me.

Then he pulled me back and looked me straight in the eye "Fancy a drink?" Lance asked. I stint of laughter burst through the tears.

"Butter pecan my favorite. You are basically the definition of perfect" I said before I dug into it. It was like heaven in my mouth.

There was no better feeling then eating your favorite ice cream. It's like with one lick you know everything in the world is going to be alright.

"Not perfect I just know you" he said with a slight British accent. He kissed me on my cheek. His adoration for me was at the highest level it could be.

What we have is a lot like love and it's been that way since the day we meet. I guess it's a lot like love at first sight.

I smiled, I'm so lucky I found him even though I never had much trouble finding a guy to occupy my time. Lance is different; he was true. He honestly likes me; he wanted to protect me.

He always wanted what is best for me and he always wants to see me smile. We walked through the mall going in all his favorite stores then mine. Three hours later.

We came out with me a pair of jeans and some shades and him with a nice polo and shades matching mine. We were sickening cute.

As I walked to Melly and Lizzy's room, I had the nagging feeling someone was following. I had that feeling a lot lately.

Everywhere I went even in my room, the only place I felt safe was Mel's and Liz's room. I had to keep looking over my shoulder even though I knew I wouldn't see anyone.

However, I felt someone there; they felt cold. Cold like an hour before a blizzard in the arctic. It made me shiver. Then I felt someone else; they were scared and terrified.

The same exact feeling that I had been searching weeks for. I knew who the feeling was. Adrenaline took over and I began to run towards the girls scared emotions.

I ran faster then I even knew I could run. I knew Melly and Lizzy would meet me there. Wherever there was, Melly would know.

I ran like no other till I got to the place that was in Melly's vision. Then I saw her, the girl from the vision.

She stood frighten and in yellow searching for a way out, as if she didn't run in to a dead end. It was just like the vision except I was there. I ran up to her and told we had to leave now.

I sent a calming vibe over. My serenity flowed from my mind to hers then down over her body. Her freaking out was starting to freak me out.

I grabbed her hand and ran in the direction of the only opening. Then this tall man walked out the wall.

He was in his early twenties twenty-three at the most wearing a white suit with a red tie. Then I felt anger rush over me. So much anger, it overwhelmed me it filled me up. I fell to the ground.

The anger was screaming in my head. It engulfed me. The girl lost the calmness I had given her. She was in a panic. I was in searing pain.

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