M.E.N. Chapter 1 pt 1
M.E.N. Chapter 1 pt 1 love stories

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Melanie, Elizabeth and Nancy. 3 girls in college enjoying studying books and boys. Until Elizabeth dream awakens darkness now their destiny is all of a sudden opening up. In a time of meeting new people how will they know who trust

M.E.N. Chapter 1 pt 1


September 10, 2007

I was leaning over the register; I had only been working at the movie theatre for a month maybe two, but it felt like a year.

I worked there with two of my really good friends from school, Jasmine and Terrence.

Jasmine was five feet nothing and she was the small athletic type all aside from the two watermelons sitting below her chin.

Jasmine and I met at the job we had before the theatre, where trouble met double. Terrence was gorgeous in every way possibly imaginable.

Dark luscious chocolate skin so smooth and enticing, his eyes we like swimming in a Willie Wonka's river. He has a smile that could light up time square.

This boy had lean tight track star muscles.

The most eloquent way to describe him would be to say God did his most exceptional work with the keenest eye to the most intricate of details when designing this gift to the women.

The topper to that is I don't think he knows his worth or he is the humblest guy I have yet to meet.

There was this tension with him and me, magnetic if there was any word that could describe it. Today my friends were at work with me. It was a slow period we were laughing and joking around.

This time we were playing a game they played often when the three of us were together behind front counter. I and Terrence were a couple and Terrence was an abuser this time.

Jasmine was my sister. This game always entertained our co workers. Terrence had told us his brother was coming to see a movie today. I had never met him before.

"He is fine girl...he looks better than Terrence" Jasmine told me. This piqued my interest for I have always had a slight crush on Terrence especially after he cut his hair.

Terrence had unwavering kindness. He was sensitive but not in the-I-prefer-the-same-sex sort of way. Terrence had values and goals, he was athletic and smart and funny.

Most of all he had never let me down the way most guys do. He is, without a shout of a doubt, good guy. Terrence's biggest and only flaw I have found is his modesty.

He doesn't see the gem he actually is, because of that he always chooses unworthy girls to date and they always end up doing him wrong.

Oh yeah, I forgot one, he is a little jealous of his brother.

"He is not all that" Terrence said accompanied with an eye roll

"He is like a Terrence times fifty" jasmine argued. That statement had made Terrence leave to go to the back room and mumbled something about getting ice.

Jasmine kept telling things about his brother to stir my curiosity. Then this gorgeous demi-God had come up to us. He would have taken Adonis in a match against beauty.

Jasmine got excited and started to talk to him. I stood there shocked, staring him over.

He was the same beautiful dark shade as Terrence, paired a low fade with nice dark waves and big brown eyes that saw straight to my soul.

He had one ear pierced it wasn't my thing usually, but it complimented his neck tattoo.

He oozed bad boy; my mind was screaming walk away from him, then he smiled at me and I just lost it I had to hold on to the counter to keep my knees from collapsing.

He reached his hand over the counter and said "I'm Tommy" his voice was like deep smooth sexy lava.

"Elizabeth" I replied hoping that my voice didn't reveal how I was feeling; an overwhelming shyness that was highly abnormal.

But how could I not shrink when standing in the presence of someone who is obviously out of my league. However, when we touch, I swear fireworks erupted it was an instant connection.

We began chatting and ended up talking about some movie he was going to see. Before he left, he sent my heart into respiratory arrest.

"So, when are you going to let me call you Elizabeth" Tommy asked. My heart raced that was the first time of many that he would send my heart in to over time.

The way he said my name was like the first kiss of a true love.

"Shouldn't you get my number before he set up phone dates" I said coolly even though I was screaming inside. He smiled loving my attitude. I could tell he wasn't used to it.

"True well my phone is in the car...

" he took a pen and a napkin, wrote down his number, then took my hand (I am pretty sure I fell in love right at this moment) and placed the napkin in my palm "but call me...

tonight" he smiled and all I could do is shake my head and smile. Then jasmine returned with Terrence which is funny because I didn't see her leave.

Terrence gave him the tickets and told him by the time his movie was over he would be off work.

"See you later Elizabeth" Tommy said as he walked away with my heart. All I could muster is a wave in a some kind of delirious happy shock coma.

Then me and jasmine ran to the back, Terrence walked slowly behind us. Me and jasmine squealed and jump. We were such high school girls. Then I rehashed the all elusive moments in its entirety.

Getting his number did wonders on my ego. Then Terrence walked in.

"Another one bites the dust!"

"Melodramatic much," Jasmine said as she took her leave back to her register; the lines were getting long.

"What's that supposed to mean" I said offended.

"You are getting sucked in just like all the other girls" Terrence said angrily. I looked at him like he was stupid, which only invited his anger. "I don't want you to talk to him"

"Well it's a good thing I live only to please you" sarcasm oozing from every word. We walked farther back so costumers wouldn't hear us.

"Elizabeth, that's my brother!"

"Yeah and I'm your best friend you should want me to have someone nice"




"YOU THINK HE IS TO GOOD FOR ME." He just stood there looking at the floor. That sparked every angry molecule in my body.

At that second, I couldn't even believe I like him or that he was even my friend. I stormed out to my register but unfortunately his was the one directly next to me.

Everyone thought we was playing our game of a married couple just mad each other but my anger seared I greeted the costumers with fake kindness with every smile I

was sending Terrence "I hate you" vibes. The rush finally ended he turn towards me

"Eliza...." I walked away to jasmine. He followed. I walk to "get ice". He followed me. I had no where else to go I just stood with my back towards.

"Elizabeth I am..."

"JEALOUS" I interrupted I turned around to see his face it didn't show anything "I don't understand why he is just an older version of you!

In a few years you are going to just as sexy if not even better looking."

"Lili, I don't want you to talk to him you are the only one of my friends that hasn't been tainted by Tommy. I couldn't stand him hurting you." My anger started to cool; it wasn't jealousy.

It was genuine concern, though my anger spiked and my ego bruised at the fact he honest thought his brother was out of my league, of course he was,

but the fact that it caused him like actual concern, was heartbreaking and heartwarming simultaneously.

"Sweet but unnecessary"

"You think that now, but you will fall for his charm and tricks"

"I'm not them other girls." I said before letting out a big sigh "however I won't talk to him if you really don't want me to" he looked at me and did this half smiled that I loved.

"No, you can if you really want"

"Good because it's not even a choice between having him and losing you...

" I grabbed his arm and started walking as the memory faded and I was spinning through a dark tunnel landing back in my present-day room, well dorm room.

August 7, 2010

I am sophomore in college I shared a room with my best friend Melanie we had been friends since the 8th grade where she helped me out with a backstabbing bitch boy plotting friend situation.

Our room was decorated with the colors green blue and purple on my side and hers was red pink and a splash of aqua marine.

We had pictures up of our family and friends from our pre-college like me with Jasmine and Terrence on my side. We had this cool beanbag chair for our new best friend Nancy.

We met her last year and of course she had her own chair she spent so much time in our room we had to give her some comfort.

"So where did you go this time." Melanie said. In addition to our instant connection we all shared something more, abilities. I could go back to any memory mines, or anyone's.

It was really cool I could relieve my best moments over and over. The downside I couldn't always control it so sometimes I would have to relive bad memories.

"The first time I met Tommy"

"First who is Tommy and second why does he make you hoooot" Nancy said laughing.

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