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labyrinthia Someone with an odd fixation for poison.
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In the night before I turned my own life into a nightmare


There's a clear line, and it's very thin. Between what is and isn't acceptable to me. But you, you never understand it seems. In the void of my emotions I am being pulled from within.

The light of hope inside me is getting really dim The words that fate uttered to me were very mean. The only friend I can trust in... Is the emotion that makes my skin green.

He can't be grim Me and him, we are very akin The monster that makes me green. I'm one and the same as him.

Love, why can't you just let all sink in? Just the two of us, nothing of any "her or him". Why can't you stop making me be mean? Is that what makes you have a grin?

Why can't you stop making me suffer? Are you too blind to see what the fuck you're doing? Do you think this is funny? Do you think messing with me is funny? Because I know I told you exactly what I liked and didn't like

Why are you doing this? Why do you have to stab me on my back Do you think I like being played with? With the thing you know I care the most? How would you feel if I started talking about your little secret. Just for "fun"? You wouldn't like it.

I don't like to be backstabbed. Not after I've put every drop of trust in you. When you said you understood me I thought you meant you wouldn't do this I thought we had something. Do you think it's any better if you do it behind my back?

No. It's worse.




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