Silent Nights
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labyrinthia Someone with an odd fixation for poison.
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But all of that is in vain when you wake up at 02:58am and realize you only slept for 40 minutes

Silent Nights

One of the scariest things I can think of is a silent night. It's one of the few moments that you truly are alone. You can clearly hear your own thoughts, and mine's are in a constant fight. I guess that's why I always want to sleep with my phone.

I frantically try to find something I can distract myself with. Dogs barking, cars passing, drunks fighting... Nothing. Dead silence, as if it was a spell cast by a witch. And soon enough my breath wavers, it's too much. I start crying.

Thinking about him only calls forth my feelings of jealousy. My heart feels heavy and my chest constricts. I'm just so sick of this damn tendency. I just want a night of sleep without any conflicts.

Tonight is a silent night. The loud silence echoes in my mind, the sound is deafening, terrifying. Excruciating thoughts invading my head left and right. And every time I manage to fall asleep, I am dying.

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